Smiling From Ear to Ear: The Happiest (Not to Mention Drug Free) DJ on Earth

1 DJ der guten laune is the happiest DJ in the world

Move over Energizer Bunny, we’ve discovered someone more energetic- and he doesn’t need batteries- he runs on music! DJ Der Guten Laune (German for DJ Good Moods) is quite possibly the happiest man on Earth when he is in a musical flow. The 58 year old DJ from Köln, Germany traveled to Copenhagen to help Woohoo Inc. celebrate their tenth anniversary. DJ Der Guten Laune was a perfect match for WooHoo Inc. because their company specializes in promoting happiness in the workplace. They offer workshops and tips for employees and employers on optimizing happiness, which ultimately increases productivity and profit. Redditor alexanderkjerulf is the founder of the company and posted these pictures to r/Happy to introduce this energetic, ball of happiness to the community.

We Love Friday- Yo DJ Pump This Party!


Dancing is one of the most natural parts of being human- scientific studies have shown that dancing is innate in all babies, yet in cultures that promote insecurity, like ours, that natural knack can fade away. Shiva Rea gave an amazing Ted Talk at Burning man on this topic called Tending the Sacred Fire: The Origins, Repression, and Revival of Free Movement. Dancing is so good for our bodies and souls and sometimes all we need to let go and feel the beat is the right DJ. To celebrate the power of an awesome DJ cross-fading all the right music, we searched Instagram for a collection of photos that will make you want to get out on the dance floor.

DJ Dalai Lama: His Holiness Bumps That Bass

1 DJ Dalai Lama by Arotin Hartounian

Look out Deadmau5 and Tiësto, there’s a new DJ in the house! The only thing better than looking at this awesome collection of paintings by Arotin Hartounian is imagining what the enlightened mixes of His Holiness might sound like. Hartounian, a California native, who often uses the canvas of Vans shoes for his art, has created a set of paintings of the Dalai Lama as we’ve never seen him before- scratching a turn table atop the Himalayas! See that familiar joyful face in pure bliss as he drops tracks that bring the world to enlightenment.

At Home with the Modern DJ: Photos by Chris Woodcock

The beats put down by modern DJs fill our lives each day with rhythms which give our time more meaning… and often get our bodies shaking in the process. But, how do these fine people live themselves? Photographer Christopher Woodcock has journeyed far and wide to answer that question, looking inside the homes of DJs, both famous and lesser known, to see their music creation environment.