Visual Bits #411 > Feeling Distorted?

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Mind Bending Sculptures Warp Everyday Objects

Sometimes the world can surprise us… one moment we are looking at something completely ordinary, even boring, and the next we realize it was nothing like we first perceived. Such is the work of artist Alex Chinneck. His strange sculptures use materials common to our everyday existence – bricks, mortar, glass – to create unusual and mind bending objects. Solitary sections of brick wall fold, crack and bend in impossible ways; broken window panes exactly repeat themselves in each frame of a large window; and a looping brick chimney puffs smoke and then sucks it back into its base. Nothing is quite as it seems.

Warped Paintings & A Proposition

Artist Evan deSpelder takes digitally manipulated, distorted images and paints them in what he describes as “photorealistic versions of abstract expressionism.” The playful interaction of realistic imagery with stretched bands of color reminds me of some imagined meeting between Salvador Dali and Mark Rothko.

Now deSpelder has a new project: he’s created a Kickstarter campaign to raise support for his work while at the same time allowing contributors to commission small works from him. Smaller contributions gain prints, while the smallest garners praise. Interest in the project has been enthusiastic and the goal of $2500 has already been reached, showing that small Kickstarter projects with good content can really benefit the artist.

Bigger Than Ever: The American Dream, Stretched

Taking old postcards and stretching them, digital artist Assaf Shaham creates world skyscrapers and monuments that are far larger (well… taller) than life. Titled ‘The American Dream’ (an interesting choice considering some subjects are far from the States), one of the more interesting features of the series is that, since the originals are from color prints, any distortion in color or it’s offset in printing is magnified by the stretching, creating bright distorted rainbows. For more of Shaham’s unique digital pieces, see

The Distorted Bridges of Google Earth

Exploring connections between digital systems and art, Clement Valla has captured some very interesting shots from Google Earth. The images take advantage of the distortion created by the popular map programs terrain software, revealing bridges that look as if they have been bent under great weight, heat or the brush of Salvador Dali. See more great captures at