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These Gender-Swapped Disney & Dreamworks Characters Will Make You Rethink the Films

Sunday 03.16.2014 , Posted by
Maby-chan genderswapped disney and dreamworks male meraud

If there’s one thing that makes a Disney cartoon, it’s the Princes and Princesses. But, what if their genders were suddenly swapped? Would the films we’ve grown up with be completely flipped on their heads? Would Cinderella be looking for her glass boot? Italian artist Maby-Chan has been imagining such scenarios giving “Fem” and “Male” treatments to everyone from Captain Hook to Rapunzel. [Read more...]


‘Escape From Tomorrow’ Trailer Surfaces — The Psychological Horror Movie Secretly Filmed at Disney Theme Parks

Tuesday 09.17.2013 , Posted by

The biggest question raised with filmmaker Randy Moore’s surreal-psychological-thriller Escape from Tomorrow is, will it ever see the light of day?

Though the film premiered at Sundance earlier this year, it looked like Moore’s dark surrealist film, shot without permission at Disney theme parks in Anaheim, CA and Orlando, FL would undoubtedly face tough opposition from the Disney powers-that-be.

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Real-Life Griswold Family Builds Truckster Station Wagon & Drives to Walt Disney World!

Monday 07.29.2013 , Posted by

truckster 3

With a name like Griswold, you’re bound to hear a few National Lampoon jokes going around. That was the case for one Georgia family… but they’re having the last laugh. Steve (not Clark) Griswold and his family are now the proud owners of a real-life Wagon Queen Family Truckster, the same amazing wagon from National Lampoon’s Vacation. Their first stop? Instead of hitting up the fictional Walley World, the family headed to Walt Disney World for their first outing. Don’t get stuck under a semi! [Read more...]


Disney Posters Get ‘Honestly’ Remixed

Wednesday 06.12.2013 , Posted by

Remixed disney posters Christine Gritmon 1

When we were children, Disney films were often the pinnacle of entertainment, and as our young minds absorbed the fascinating and memorable plot lines, nothing could distract from the sugar filled story playing before our eyes. But now, with adult minds and some critical thought, our view of these films can often have humorous and not-so-innocent twists our young minds could never imagined. These brutally “honest’ remixes of classic Disney film posters by Christine Gritmon, see each movie re-titled with surprising new interpretations. [Read more...]


Disney Characters Discover Their Cliques

Saturday 05.18.2013 , Posted by


With Disney’s latest Pixar movie Monsters University hitting theaters next week, 27 year old illustrator and Disney fan Rubén B. Caballero (also known as Hyung86 on deviantART) decided to re-imagine his favorite characters as college students. Aside from putting them in modern clothes, he assigned them to various clubs and sports that would go along with their character. Aladdin loves breakdancing with Esmeralda on the school dance team. Snow White and Aurora are choir girls and love to help Kenai and Pocahontas with the Animal Welfare Association on campus. Tinkerbell is a cheerleader, while Peter Pan rocks eternally youthful Bieber-like style. [Read more...]


1950′s Disney Live Models Combined with Cartoon

Wednesday 05.01.2013 , Posted by

Sleeping Beauty

Long before computer animation, in the old, magical, early days of Disney, animators used a rotoscope to draw over live-action film. Frame by frame, the artists would trace over the actors and actresses that enacted each scene. Retronaut dug up some of these old images from Disney movies and it’s amazing to see the actresses that played our beloved princesses like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. Disney was ahead of the trend, slimming down the waists of the models for the animated version, like the magazines now do regularly with Photoshop. [Read more...]


Anamorphic Images Made from a Roomful of Stuff

Saturday 04.13.2013 , Posted by

Bernard Pras 3

Although it’s a classic optical trick employed by the masters of old, anamorphic art has seen a major resurgence of interest lately. Long before the recent trend, however, Paris based artist Bernard Pras was creating room filling art pieces which at first look to be obsessively arranged piles of junk – step into the right place however and you are treated to a replication of a classic painting or famous portrait. [Read more...]


Visual Bits #385 > Make It, Mix It, Mash It: Movie Art

Friday 02.22.2013 , Posted by

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Paperman: Disney’s Oscar-Nominated Short, Now Online

Wednesday 01.30.2013 , Posted by

Disney Paperman 4

It’s always refreshing when big name companies do it the good old fashioned way… even if that’s just the way it looks. Such is the case with Disney’s recent Oscar-Nominated Short, Paperman. Just released on the internet for all to enjoy, the 6 minute romantic comedy has a simply charming plot which could get many people swept away with the joy of young love… and maybe even challenge some to leave their mind-numbing jobs for it. The mid-century New York based film would stand on its own with this fact alone, but the film also uses a “groundbreaking” new technique to seamlessly merge the accuracy of computer-generated animation with the old school charm of hand-drawn animation. [Read more...]


Did You Know Walt had an Apartment at Disneyland?

Friday 01.18.2013 , Posted by

Walt Disneys Appartment at Disneyland 1

Little known to most visiters of “The Happiest Place on Earth”, Walt Disney actually had an apartment not far from the entrance to the park on Main Street, USA. Perched above the tiny firehouse, Walt’s apartment was his part time residence during the busy period while the park was being built and the classic film Lady and the Tramp was on the drawing board. [Read more...]

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