Unhappily Ever After: Disney Characters in the “Real” Not-So-Whimsical World

Storyboard artist Jeff Hong is a big fan of Disney animation, but you might not think it from his irreverent Tumblr blog Unhappily Ever After. Here you’ll find a decidedly less whimsical, real-world reimagining of the films – everything from Simba locked up in a zoo, to Mulan surviving the choking smog of Beijing. It’s a bit shocking, it’s on the borderline of PC, and it’s definitely thought provoking. Disney lovers, you’ve been warned.

These Gender-Swapped Disney & Dreamworks Characters Will Make You Rethink the Films

If there’s one thing that makes a Disney cartoon, it’s the Princes and Princesses. But, what if their genders were suddenly swapped? Would the films we’ve grown up with be completely flipped on their heads? Would Cinderella be looking for her glass boot? Italian artist Maby-Chan has been imagining such scenarios giving “Fem” and “Male” treatments to everyone from Captain Hook to Rapunzel.

Nicolas Cage Has Become a Disney Princess

Nicolas Cage Disney Princesses 9

Just when you thought Nicolas Cage couldn’t play anything more weird/bizarre/strange/odd, he’s showing up around the web as Disney’s iconic Princesses. What’s better than Nick Cage’s face on Ariel from The Little Mermaid? Nothing. That’s what. He wants to be part of your world. Get over it.

Disney Posters Get ‘Honestly’ Remixed

Remixed disney posters Christine Gritmon 1

When we were children, Disney films were often the pinnacle of entertainment, and as our young minds absorbed the fascinating and memorable plot lines, nothing could distract from the sugar filled story playing before our eyes. But now, with adult minds and some critical thought, our view of these films can often have humorous and not-so-innocent twists our young minds could never imagined. These brutally “honest’ remixes of classic Disney film posters by Christine Gritmon, see each movie re-titled with surprising new interpretations.

Steampunk Disney Princesses… and Dorothy

Korean artist Inshoo has taken three of the Disney Princesses along with Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and brought them a little more up to date: 1800’s style. His steampunk reworkings are pitch perfect and full of detail, all while retaining the spirit of the original characters. Which illustration do you think best represents the original story?

Your Favorite Movies Remixed into An Audio Playground

It’s hard to get enough of these amazingly beautiful movie remixes from audio/visual master Pogomix. It’s not so much about the video here though, but more about the intricate audio collages remixed from the sounds in each film. Pogomix does this adeptly, creating electronic music which sweeps us away into a nostalgic sugar high, reminding us of our youth and tickling our ears with smooth sine wave bass. He’s taken such hits as Hook, Harry Potter and about every Disney Princess movie, and created extremely catchy tunes using sounds from the films.

Disney Heroines Come to Life

Disney characters are iconic and have the magic quality of bringing back pleasant memories of the time we first saw them: whether at a cinema, one of the theme parks around the world or as a childhood toy. In Disney’s animated feature films their diverse characters have been seen all over the world and one graphic design student from Finland has created his own characterization of the loved Disney female leads.

Tatted Up Disney Princess

What defines a female as being a princess and/or beautiful? 17 yr old blogger, Greta on tumblr, is a self-proclaimed feminist who believes that women should be whomever they want to be. Whether that is conservative or liberal, bold or demure, she encourages all women to not be afraid in expressing who and what they truly are to the world. As so, she is quite open about her beliefs and opinions about women, and even her own sexuality