Exploded Flowers: The Radial Symmetry of Nature

What happens when you take one of the most beautiful things in the world, flowers, and break them down into their many parts? The answer, as Singapore based artist Fong Qi Wei found, was that they retain their beauty, while revealing a radial symmetry and structure often overlooked. By taking fresh flowers and carefully disassembling them onto a white photography table, Qi Wei collapses their delicate forms and lays bare the secrets of these decorations custom made by mother nature.

Disassembled To The Last Screw

Todd McLellan says he got his start finger painting in kindergarten and things haven’t changed much: he’s still doing things kids love to do. His newest work, Disassembly, finds him taking apart old typewriters, push mowers and cameras down to the smallest screw, then carefully arranging all the parts and photographing them. He also creates complex exploded views of the objects with each piece hanging suspended in space. Next time little Johnny takes apart the DVD player, you’ll now know what to do.