Is That a Dinosaur Over That Hill? A Photographer’s Son Stars in Fantastic Adventures

David Niles Nates Adventure 1

See over that hill there? If you go far enough, there are Dinosaurs! That seems to be the message behind David Niles’ photo series called Nate’s Adventures. It’s a lot like Calvin and Hobbes photographed with a bellows camera and printed as a daguerreotype… the vintage look imagines a Land of the Lost style world full of UFOs, gigantic vegetables, trips to the moon and, yes, dinosaurs. It’s just the kind of thing to make our imaginations run wild with fantastic dreams we haven’t had since being children.

Oil Paintings of Astronaut in Pop-Culture settings


Scott Listfield paints Astronauts. And sometimes dinosaurs. Chiefly drawing from elements of pop culture, media and film, Listfield creates scenes on the canvas that make a visually stimulating end result. One of his most consistent characters is an astronaut in the form from Stanley Kuprick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Instead of the astronaut exploring the depths of space, he is exploring the present.

Visual Bits #243> What Do Your Eyes See?

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Team finds last dinosaur before extinction

The youngest dinosaur preserved in the fossil record before the catastrophic meteor impact 65 million years ago has been discovered in Montana.

Growing New Dinosaurs From Chickens

Ever since he was a child, Jack Horner has been dreaming of two things: becoming a paleontologist and having a pet dinosaur. So far he’s accomplished one of those tasks and the other is the subject of this TED Talk.

Horner is fun and captivating in his account of the various experiments and discoveries along his rocky path toward creating one of the prehistoric behemoths. He then details the ways in which we are now studying chickens, distant relatives of dinosaurs, and what roll they will play in the process.