google maps art

9 Artists Working with Google Maps as Their Medium

Not only does Google Maps, Earth and Street View provide a wealth of information for navigating the world, but it’s also becoming a medium for artists everywhere. From using the grid of streets on Maps, to the weird distortions in ...

Photographer Brings The Outside In (Or The Inside Out?)

What if walls had leaves and trees had windows? These are the kind of questions that artist Carolyn Lefley explores in her recent photo series Realm. Using Photoshop, she layers images of natural settings over humble interiors, creating beautiful and ...
Laure Fauvel Kids fighting Monsters 1

Watch Out Monsters… These Kids Fight Back

So there’s a monster in the closet? Under the bed? No big deal… at least for the kids in French photographer/digital retoucher Laure Fauvel’s series ‘Terreurs.’ The children in her images are fighting back, and they’re armed.
Flying-Formation-Shaun-Kardinal 1

Impossible Bird Formations Take Flight

Shaun Kardinal has been creating digital collages using found images from friends’ Facebook and Instagram feeds… specifically nabbing the birds that frequent their skies. His series Flying Formation is a collection of improbable (or impossible?) formations of birds in curving ...