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Paperman: Disney’s Oscar-Nominated Short, Now Online

Wednesday 01.30.2013 , Posted by

Disney Paperman 4

It’s always refreshing when big name companies do it the good old fashioned way… even if that’s just the way it looks. Such is the case with Disney’s recent Oscar-Nominated Short, Paperman. Just released on the internet for all to enjoy, the 6 minute romantic comedy has a simply charming plot which could get many people swept away with the joy of young love… and maybe even challenge some to leave their mind-numbing jobs for it. The mid-century New York based film would stand on its own with this fact alone, but the film also uses a “groundbreaking” new technique to seamlessly merge the accuracy of computer-generated animation with the old school charm of hand-drawn animation. [Read more…]


Visual Bits #310 >Lets Get Digital, Digital: Animations

Saturday 11.10.2012 , Posted by

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The Making of Tron: Legacy

Wednesday 01.05.2011 , Posted by

If you’ve ever wanted to own a Light Cycle, this clip will show you how they’re made! Bringing you behind the scenes images from the completely action packed Tron: Legacy, this short brings to light the many layers of creativity beneath the digital world of the “grid.” [Read more…]


Stateless Dances the Battle Between Good and Evil

Saturday 11.13.2010 , Posted by

When the band Stateless imagines the eternal battle within all of us — the struggle between good and evil — gypsy music meets modern beats, and the weapon is improvised dance. Performed by professional dancer Dominic North with motion-capture and digital animation by the design studio FIELD, the songs protagonist, Ariel, duels with the devil.

“Ariel” will be available November 22 on Ninja Tunes, from the forthcoming album “Matilda”, out Feb 2011.

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