One Cob, Many Flavors: These Recipes Will Have You Rethinking Your Next BBQ

Did you know peak corn season is in the springtime? That’s right, just as the days are getting warm and the BBQ is begging to be fired up, one of the most mouth watering crops springs forth ready to be munched… in so many tasty ways. That’s because, although corn originated in the Americas, it’s now grown on every continent except Antarctica – and each area has at least one regional recipe for your next cookout.

Rise And Shine With These Monochromatic Breakfasts

Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day – and German graphic designer Fabienne Plangger suggests we eat it with our eyes. In collaboration with artists David Reiner, Sebastian Hierner, and Karin Stöckl on her “Monochrome Breakfast” series, Plangger arranges brilliant breakfast compositions that feature foods of a single color range.

To Your “Health”- Visualizations of Some of the Craziest Popular Fad Diets

Stephanie Gonot Fad Diets 1

People will try anything for a miracle weight loss trick. The old tried and true eat wholesome, healthy foods and exercise regularly is too difficult in this fast paced world, so instead we convince ourselves that drinking lemon water with maple syrup and cayenne pepper for ten days will make all of our dreams of turning heads on the beach come true. Maybe if we eat nothing but bacon, sausage, and grapefruit we’ll get that “healthy” body we’ve always wanted- who needs kidneys anyway? LA based photographer Stephanie Gonot had the brilliant idea to create visual representations of several fad diets to put into perspective just how dangerous some of these quick fixes really are.

US Meat Industry Consumes Nearly 4/5 of All Antibiotics


Sobering new data from the Food and Drug Administration is indicating that antibiotic use in the meat industry is on the rise and has vastly overtaken usage to treat sick people. We want to keep our animals, our food, and ourselves healthy, so why should we care? With the meat industry now consuming a staggering 3.9 times the amount of antibiotics used for human treatment, the industry is churning out meat increasingly filled with antibiotic-resistant pathogens. This means illnesses previously curable by our current methods are now becoming increasingly hard to overcome.

One Day, One Plate- What do Olympians Eat?

As we marvel at the physiques of the athletes in the 2012 Olympics, it is not uncommon to wonder what miracle foods they are using to fuel their lean bodies. UK based Photographer Michael Bodiam and his partner Sarah Parker developed a fun project to show a day on the plate of top athletes in various sports. Using dietician Dan Bernardot’s popular book, Advanced Sports Nutrition, the duo graphically displayed his suggested cutting-edge meal plans for optimal performance. According to Bernadot, “Many of these athletes have such enormous energy requirements and they’re so metabolically capable you could practically throw anything down the gullet and they’d be able to burn it!”

The UP Wristband Reminds You To Live

Now here’s an interesting new gadget: with todays hectic, busy lifestyles, it’s easy to get sucked into an activity and forget about normal life things like moving around or eating regularly. Enter the new UP wristband from Jawbone. The modern, flexible devise wraps around your wrist, linking you to your smart phone via Bluetooth while keeping track of your eating habits, nutrition, sleep patterns and overall well being. It also vibrates to alert you when you haven’t moved around for a while and works as an alarm to monitor your sleep and wake you at the perfect moment in your sleep cycle. Your personal data is graphed on your phone and it offers recommendations about improvements in dietary and fitness routines. You don’t have to take it off in the pool or shower as it’s waterproof. Check out the video below, then jog by for a rundown on the cool $99 dollar device.

Vintage Navy Posters Encourage Food Etiquette

During World War 2, there was a push for moderation in all things; from a complete halt on nylon stocking production to the first ever recycling programs. People were encouraged to limit their use of resources and use all they took. These classic U.S. Navy posters challenged sailors to tighten their belts and clean their plates. Down the hatch sailor!