Detroit’s Rapid Decline Captured in Past Google Street Views

Once famous as the prosperous hub of automobile manufacturing in the US, Detroit is now far better known for its precipitous fall into dilapidated ruin. Nothing makes that more apparent than a look back through Googles recently released Street View “time machine” feature. Here we can cruise the streets of Motor City in years past, marveling at how alarmingly quick the city has crumbled.

A Detroit High School, Then and Now

DETROITURBEX Detroit then and now 9

No other American city has been quite so effected by boom and bust as Detroit. A once bustling metropolis famous for being the production hub of the US auto industry, the city is perhaps most famous now for its blocks of abandoned buildings, massive crime and general distopian atmosphere. Detroiturbex is a website dedicated to raising “awareness of the social and economic challenges the city of Detroit faces through photography.” Here they’ve created a shocking series of photographs inside the now demolished Lewis Cass Technical High School, overlaying old photographs over the new. The contrast – from just a few years ago in many cases – is shocking.

Quadcopter Captures the Essence of Detroit

When we hear about Detroit in the media, it’s about the deterioration of the city that was once a key player in “the American Dream.” The city that once created thousands of jobs with its thriving automobile industry has lost many of those positions to the factories overseas. Now when Detroit is mentioned, we hear mostly about the foreclosures and the violence. Set to the soundtrack of Ruby Frost & Mt. Eden’s “Oh That I Had,” this video shows this and another side of the Motor City. Shot with a GoPro on a Scarab QUAD X Stealth-FPV Reconn – ARF Electronica – Quadcopter, it shows the desolation as the view dives in and out of abandoned factories and buildings, yet it also gives a sense of hope with the verdant natural beauty and the resilient skyline.

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