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A New Magazine of Unexpected Design Creativity

Tuesday 10.23.2012 , Posted by

We are inundated with design creativity these days, from ideas which seem practical to those that are totally absurd. But what works? The soon to be published bi-annual print and digital magazine, Works That Work, intends to be a periodical dedicated to inspiration and observation of projects which really work. Now that’s information we can really get behind. [Read more…]


The Expressionist: A Philosophy of Design

Thursday 03.31.2011 , Posted by

Renowned designer Michael Wolff shares his wisdom of how he sees the world. One good reason to take note of this video: Wolff has over 50 years experience in his field, not a number to knock by any standard. He explains his design philosophy and how his obsession with curiosity, appreciation, and imagination have lead to his success.

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