13 Year Old Hypothesizes What Redditors Look Like


Ah, Reddit. An open playground to share awesome internet treasures, express your deepest thoughts, retell your most hilarious stories, showcase your talents, and sharpen your wit- all under a blanket of anonymity. There really is something for everyone and if you prefer the lurking approach (like me) it’s a place to be entertained by all of the above, dipping your feet in the water, until you reach that point where you’re ready to dive in and contribute to the community. One young redditor, Dylynpicklez took a peak behind Reddit’s curtain of anonymity with an offer that we found quite intriguing. We discovered her post in the ICanDrawThat subreddit. The aspiring artist wanted to challenge herself to draw people that she had no way of looking at based solely on on their descriptions of themselves. She invited redditors to write her a description and she actually delivered 32 portraits!