Old Blue Jeans Transformed into Painterly Art


Ian Berry is a British artist who we’ve covered before, but his new works are even more amazing. He creates monochromatic compositions that depict urban landscapes, the London Underground, diners, and even gets around to doing portraits — all out of varying shades of denim fabrics. His weeks of cutting, stitching, and gluing varying shades of denim fabric together create images that are uber rich in contrast and shadow. When you first look at his images, it’s hard not to be blown away by the detail and think his art must be a painting. Then, you find out they’re all created solely from denim, and your brain is thrown into a WTF tailspin; which makes the images so much more amazing.

Shades of Blue: Scraps of Denim Become Art

We all have a favorite, go-to pair of jeans that fit just perfectly and make us feel like we can take on the world. But what can you do when those beloved jeans get too many holes or weight loss or gain prevents them from fitting? British-born artist Ian Berry, who goes by the name Denimu (which is the Japanese phonetic spelling of demim), transforms those baby blues into gorgeous pieces of art. He loves denim so much that it is the only medium he works with to create incredibly detailed portraits and landscapes.