Disgustingly Tasteful Still Life Photography

You might be wondering why you are looking at a bunch of intriguing, yet slightly disgusting still life photographs of rotting food. This over the top collection titled “One Third,” is Austrian photographer Klaus Pichler’s reaction to the nature of global food waste. The visually elaborate pieces of art, temporal by their very nature, are an appropriate and fascinating way to capture our attention, make us aware of a global issue and call us to stand up for the cause.

China’s Fake Disneyland: The Park That Never Was

Like a a faded ghost of the classic American Dream, an unfinished Disney-like castle rises into the cloudy China sky. Located just 45 minutes drive from the center of smog covered Beijing, the building is part of a now decaying construction project abandoned over a decade ago… an amusement park touted as ‘the largest amusement park in Asia.’ Reuters own David Gray captured these images of the park which is located on about 100 acres of once prosperous farmland. Hardly a coincidence, the park was going to be called Wonderland.

Neither Here Nor There: Dynamic Art in Growth & Decay

Rob Sato is a Los Angeles based painter, illustrator and comic book artist who recently finished his second solo show at the Corpo Gallery in Santa Monica, CA. The name of that show was “The Open End”. Sato’s paintings are something to marvel at: His subjects are in a perpetual state of motion, moving forwards and backwards, decaying while still working, destroying and building up. It all happens almost seamlessly — in Sato’s own words they are “neither here nor there.”