Touching Self-portraits Document the Psychological Journey of Grieving Death

After losing her fiancé in a helicopter crash in 2012, Sarah Treanor quit her job as a graphic designer to pursue a deeply emotional exploration of grief through photography. The creative endeavor is symbolic of her psychological experience in process and in imagery, and captures the essence of the dark, peaceful, and disorienting journey of mourning. The heart-wrenching feeling the images evoke is universally familiar and carefully dissects the most difficult aspect of the human experience – death.


Moving Without Mom: Father and Daughter Recreate Wedding Photos of Late Mother

Ben Nunery and his wife Ali were married in 2009, just after closing the deal on their new house. Since the house was still empty, they took the opportunity to have their beautiful wedding photographs taken inside their new home. It was were they would celebrate the beginning of their new family, and the challenge of loss.

Tragically, Ali was later diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer and passed away at the age of 31 in 2011. This year, Ben with his young daughter Olivia moved out of the house, and in a touching tribute recreated the special photos from Ben and Ali’s wedding day – a fitting way to mark new beginnings and remember happy times.


Amy Guidry Explores the Psychology of Life and Death

Amy Guidry Paintings 2

The recent collection of paintings from Louisiana based artist Amy Guidry brings the surreal so certainly into existence it seems to easily step off the canvas into reality. Her work is filled with animal and human figures, often taking center stage in what appears as a bleak and beautiful southwest american landscape. This highly ambitious imagery – from detailed rock formations, to skeletons and variously dissected creatures – would be arresting on its own, but it also explores concepts more profound: the rich layers of connection in the cycle of life.


Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Drone Attacks Interactive

Out of Sight Out of Mind - Pakastan Drone Attacks Interactive 2

The US has been waging war in the middle east for over 10 years now, making the combination of conflicts in the region the second longest war in our history. This is due, in part, to something new to our war making stategy: drone attacks. These non-manned flying machines allow the government to wage war without the risk of losing American military, while at the same time lowering the financial cost to wage such a conflict due to fewer deployed soldiers. Their are hidden costs to these tactics however, as this shockingly affective interactive graphic from Pitch Interactive makes abundantly clear.


Visualizing Major Causes of Death in the 20th Century

Wellcome Collection 20th Century Death Visualized header

I recently had the pleasure of attending a talk by the provocative philosopher John Gray as he discussed his new book – The Silence of Animals: On Progress and other Myths. During the engaging talk (which you can listen to here) he made a strong case for the idea that, while technology has progressed substantially over the last centuries, society and human behavior has not. Are we all just animals with mobile phones and machine guns? As we’ll see from this excellent graphic detailing the major causes of death in the 20th century, John Gray may be on to something.


Balloon Man takes one Last Walk before dying


What is so special about an old man walking around with a balloon? While there may not be anything particularly unique about the photos that Viktor Gårdsäter took, the real beauty is found when one understands the meaning behind the images.


Visual Bits #226> Do Or Die: Gothic Art

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Ethereal Dreams: Paintings by Justin Lovato

Justin Lovato’s paintings reside within the primordial ooze of dreams, which see his subjects always shifting, always changing. A working artist from Sacramento he finds himself currently residing in Berkley, California. Of his latest show This Too Shall Pass he waxes poetic: “The temporary nature of all things seen, a certainty among an environment of discord and antagonistic uncertainty on the great blue dot, earth


Water Down: Detailing the Global Water Crisis

Around the world unsanitary water leads to the deaths of more than 3.6 million people annually, 1.5 million of which are children under 5. According to the United Nations, unsanitary water kills more people worldwide than war. While many in high income countries see no effect on their water supply or quality, many people in developing countries face arduous daily hikes to find even the most marginal water. This graphic, created in a collaboration between and Column Five, puts revealing numbers to this expanding crisis.


The Dark Side of Water

To bring awareness to World Water Day on March 22nd, Solidarités International is launching a campaign to shed light on the tragic state of drinking water in the world and the many lives it takes. A little known fact, due to pollution and unsanitary conditions, water kills more than 3.6 million people each year, 1.5 million of which are children under 5. This makes it the worlds leading cause of death.

Solidarités International and its agency BDDP Unlimited created the video below, using pure water to create images that are only revealed with the symbolic pollution of black ink. Make sure to stop by for much more information on this little known but very important issue.