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Our Exquisite Corpse: Beaded Skulls from Mexico

Friday 10.26.2012 , Posted by

These sculptures are unique in being both joyously colored and surprisingly macabre. Coming from the country know for celebrating the Day of the Dead, each skull is created by the Huichol people of Western Mexico. Each is made of cast resin and meticulously covered in thousands of tiny beads. The intricate patterns originate from the Huichol peoples traditional art and culture in the Sierra Madre Mountains. [Read more…]


Intergalactic Collision: Star Wars & Day of the Dead

Thursday 03.24.2011 , Posted by

A long time ago in a country a lot like Mexico… computer artist John Karpinsky created a perfect mix of traditional culture and the galactic phenominon that is Star Wars. His gorgeous illustrations are so spot on it seems like this is how George Lucas originally intended them. His inspiration:

“Star Wars was a large part of my childhood, which sadly passed long ago. This is my tribute to characters of my youth, an invitation to the celebration of that cultural phenomenon that shaped my life so long ago.”

For more of Karpinsky’s work, see his flickr or purchase prints at Etsy. If you liked these images, you’ll really dig our posts “Star Wars Depicted with Traditional Mexican Art,” “The Softer Side of Star Wars” and “Star Wars: Not So Long Ago After All.”

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Visual Bits #20 > Open Wide!

Thursday 03.10.2011 , Posted by

A mouthful of links after the jump! [Read more…]