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Coolness Graphed: Charting Life with Bar Graphs and Humor

Wednesday 12.18.2013 , Posted by
05 poliece artist

Coolness Graphed has been charting life and its relative coolness or ‘uncoolness’ for the past two years. RC Jones began the project as a creative outlet to counterbalance a boring day job, and within three months of publishing on tumblr, the project was receiving attention from national media including Forbes and MSN.

Earlier this year, a collection of graphs was published in a book that seems perfect for geeky gifting. In the announcement of his book deal, Jones shares, “Less than a year ago I got an email that I could tell was very important because it contained the phrase “you had us at ‘sporklift.’” [Read more...]


Visualizing the Numbers Behind the United States’ Hottest Export: Education

Tuesday 11.05.2013 , Posted by


According to a most recent data culling by the folks at Northeastern University, higher education is among the United States’ top service sector exports. In fact, numbers indicate that International students contribute more than $21 billion to the U.S. economy through their expenditures on tuition and living expenses on American universities.

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A Growing Ink Blot Map of World Population Density

Friday 04.20.2012 , Posted by

Most of our world maps are created with geographic and legal boundaries dictating how they are drawn… it’s highly useful for getting around the block, but hardly tells the whole tale of what is going on. What really matters much of the time? It’s all about where the people are… and this map shows only that. [Read more...]


The Data + Design Project: Pie Charts February

Friday 03.02.2012 , Posted by

Here at Visual News, we’ve been looking for designers/illustrators to participate in an ongoing design series called the Data + Design Project. As an off-shoot of Column Five Media, we are ardent supporters of the union between data and design. Last month we started curating the Data + Design Project gallery as a way to show how flexible and beautiful data visualizations can actually be. With the Visual News website getting over 1.1 million monthly visitors, 13,000 Facebook fans and 2,900 Twitter followers, we hope this can become a valuable resource for inspiration. [Read more...]


Valentine’s Day: By the Numbers

Tuesday 02.14.2012 , Posted by

With its roots dating back to the Ancient Roman fertility festival, Lupercalia, and the 400 A.D. Saint Valentine martyrs, Valentine’s Day has come a long way. Valentine’s Day has become one of the most romantic days of the year, if not the most financially driven, with couples in the United States showering their loved ones with flowers, gifts, chocolates, cards, dinners, and sparkling wine. [Read more...]


A Solar Report With Images Revealed by the Sun

Monday 02.13.2012 , Posted by

You don’t get a much more appropriate use of technology than this booklet for Austria Solar. Using ink that remains invisible until sunlight touches it, this crisp design by Mathias Nösel and Matthäus Frost of Serviceplan, comes in a foil envelope only revealing its imagery when opened to the rays of the sun. It’s a lot like those 1990s shirts that exposed their sweet prints as you strolled outside… only this is a whole lot less cheesy. [Read more...]


Mappable 3D Data Visualizations in Real-Time

Monday 01.23.2012 , Posted by

If you ever get tired of boring, flat charts in a presentation, then you may want to look at them in 3D and 4D.  An new application called DataAppeal could make the lives of researchers, students, developers, governments, and business representatives much easier; and their data much more understandable. DataAppeal is web-based application, based off of GoogleMaps, that allows the user to map and complete geographic analysis using data, and visualize it in 3D and 4D models. It allows people to represent data in a new way that makes it easier to understand and actually see. Nadia Amoroso, one of the creators of the application says “[DataAppeal] allows the transformation and interpretation of information to be intuitive, understandable, straightforward and fun.” Amoroso answered some of my questions below: [Read more...]


Innovation Barometer: Business Execs Weigh In

Wednesday 01.18.2012 , Posted by

Now this is a great way to visualize a survey. For the second year running, GE has asked senior business executives the world over (2,800 to be exact) to weigh in with their opinions on 5 different dimensions of innovation: the role of government, new models of innovation, spurring innovation, innovation culture, innovation actors and optimism from innovation. [Read more...]


Compared to the US: What Percentage Income Are You?

Monday 01.16.2012 , Posted by

With all the talk about the 1% in recent months, it’s been pretty common to wonder where we all measure up compared to that famous percentage of wealth. To help answer the question, the New York Times has put out two graphics analyzing what the wealth distribution of the nation really looks like. The first is a detailed interactive graphic allowing you to directly compare your household income to the national average, state averages and even your local county. By inputting your household income, the graphic generates your percentage compared to the area you select. The second graphic, a colorful grid, examines which professions hold the highest percentage and number of 1 percent-ers in that field in the nation. [Read more...]


Visual News Original: Diversity In The Premier League

Tuesday 01.10.2012 , Posted by

England’s legendary Premier League has come under quite a lot of criticism as of late. With a number of race related incidents over the last several months, most recently seeing the banning of striker Luis Suarez after charged racial comments, we asked the question: just how diverse is the Premier League? [Read more...]

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