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Data+Design Project: Bar Chart April is Now Live!

Thursday 05.03.2012 , Posted by

We are happy to announce that the April contributions selected for the Data + Design Project are now live! Each month we’ve been challenging a select group of designers to create something unique and interesting following some very simple rules: this month they used the standard bar chart and came up with some really unique designs and topics, ranging from crayons to surfing. For more on this fun project, or to see about being part of it, head to the main Data + Design page. [Read more...]


Data + Design Project: The Bubble Charts of March

Tuesday 04.17.2012 , Posted by

Here at Visual News, we’ve been looking for designers/illustrators to participate in an ongoing design series called the Data + Design Project. As an off-shoot of Column Five Media, we are ardent supporters of the union between data and design, so in February we started curating the Data + Design project gallery as a way to show how flexible and beautiful data visualizations can actually be. [Read more...]


The World Gets Swirly: Tracking Wind Data in Real-Time

Thursday 03.29.2012 , Posted by

It’s hard to imaging a visualization more beautiful than this new animated map of wind speeds across the continental U.S. Individual lines delicately weave their way across the land in Vincent van Gogh like fashion, tracing near real-time wind forecasts around the nation and giving us a mesmerizing view of everything from breezes to gales. [Read more...]


Invisible Children + Resolve: The LRA Crisis Tracker

Monday 03.12.2012 , Posted by

The Invisible Children organization has set the internet ablaze this week with their newest KONY 2012 video — which went viral on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook — and has succeeded in its goal of making African war criminal, Joseph Kony, famous. From celebrity backers — Oprah, Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest, and Rhianna to name a few  — Twitter updates, long winded Facebook rants, and critical assessments by Yale sociology professors, everyone is talking about it; and the reaction has been both good and bad. [Read more...]



Friday 12.30.2011 , Posted by

A new art exhibit opening at the London Transport Museum shows us that the use of data visualization (presenting information in visual form) is not a new concept. Running from January 6 through March 18, 2012, Painting by Numbers – Making Sense of Statistics will display a collection of 20 posters by artists such as Charles Shepard, Alfred Leete, and Heinz Zinram created as far back as the 1920s to commend public transport in London and/or too assure travelers that their hard-earned money would be put to good use, rendering valuable services to them, when they opted to use the London Underground. [Read more...]


Google+ Shows the Ripples in the Social Pond

Thursday 10.27.2011 , Posted by

Personally, I believe that tracking the journey of public data in social networks is going to be a big trend in the near future. We will be able to track a piece of content (posts, images, videos, etc.), from its genesis to its multiple paths on public platforms like Twitter and Google Plus, seeing who connects with it, changes it or spreads it. TinEye, Google’s Search by Image, YouTube’s “this video was seen on” notice and now Google Ripples are great ways to track the path of a popular idea [Read more...]


Motion Graphic: The Power of Data Visualization

Monday 10.10.2011 , Posted by

They say knowledge is power, but how do we make knowledge powerful? The challenge of communicating information becomes especially difficult when trying to convey a message full of complex data (like pesky numbers), which is often difficult to interpret quickly and clearly to the naked eye. This motion graphic by Column Five, looks at some of the many visual techniques used by the company to communicate that information handsomely to a large audience [Read more...]


Foursquare Check-Ins Around The Clock

Tuesday 09.20.2011 , Posted by

Foursquare, the app and web giant designed to help you and your friends keep tabs on each other, is celebrating its one billionth check-in. As self-described “data nerds” and to mark the occasion, they put together this interesting graphic displaying a world map with check-ins throughout the day. Each type of check-in, from food to nightlife is detailed, clearly showing where people prefer to go throughout the day. [Read more...]


Gas Guzzlers: What City Spends The Most on Fuel?

Monday 08.01.2011 , Posted by

Nearly everyone in the U.S. spends a large amount of time getting from here to there, but what fuels this transportation habit? Not just fuel, but cold hard cash. This graphic looks at both high and low spending in cities around the states, based upon user data from the excellent banking website (where they found that the average user spends $177 per month on fuel). Is anyone else surprised to find Los Angeles so low on the list? [Read more...]


Adjustable Stencil Makes Street Art Infographics

Wednesday 06.22.2011 , Posted by

Next time you feel the urge to make a statistical statement about the condition of the oceans, maybe you should do it with graffiti. This incredibly novel pie-chart stencil allows you to spell out sentences and accurately adjust a movable arm to create a meaningful visualizations of your favorite cause or ratio.

The idea for his ‘Infoviz Graffiti’ stencil came to artist Golan Levin during a four hour ‘Speed Project’ at Carnegie Mellon University where he acts as director of the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry. All you need to create your own is some fiberboard, a wing-nut, tape to hold the letters in place, your favorite color of spray paint and the PDF (pictured at bottom) from Levin’s website (where you can also find his thoughts on infographic street art). Now… go forth and pie-chart! [Read more...]

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