Star Wars in Medieval Manuscripts

With the massive appeal and popularity of Star Wars, one could almost believe it was a religion. Fans have flocked to movie openings for decades, adorning the symbols and clothes of their passion, while spending hours studying each and every detail of the movie’s storied history. Now Bangkok based illustrator Chawakarn Kongprasert has taken that concept to the limit, creating late medieval-like religious imagery using the characters from the film itself.

Visual Bits #283 > One Droid, Two Droid, Red Droid…

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Cosplay Characters with a Playful Twist

When it comes to worshiping your favorite characters from books or film, few go so far or have so much fun as those in the world of cosplay. The costumes are often highly imaginative and even more often, completely accurate in portraying each tiny detail of the famous fictional characters. These portraits by photographer Kevin Knight capture the essence of cosplay well, but they also do much more.

It All Started With One Bite…

As technology continues to adapt and better products are coming out more quickly than ever before, maybe Steve Jobs chose the apple as a warning for us- like the one from the Garden of Eden. Maybe it’s a warning about becoming too dependent on technology…and we’ve already taken a bite. On a lighter note, here are some awesome stickers to decorate your macbook. Get them fast because Apple will probably find a way to make them incompatible with the next model!

Star Wars Invades Reykjavik

Intergalactic battle isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about Reykjavik, Iceland… especially when you consider the governments recent precedent setting pushes for global transparency and freedom of speech… but don’t tell designer Sig Vicious that. He’s created a series of 10 images which capture the peaceful city under crazy assault by Snowspeeders, AT-ATs, AT-STs, X-Wings… just about all the war hardware from the first Star Wars movies. It’s all out war in black and white (bonus points if you spot the Challenger explosion in one of these images).

Hello Kitty Takes over Pop Culture…YET AGAIN

If you are like me and have never understood how Sanrio’s iconic cat can bring in a billion dollars each year, maybe you’ve never seen how versatile this kitty can be. Joseph Senior, an art director for a New Zealand based advertising company, has created a series of illustrations that take the prissy feline

Darth Vader’s Helmet Made From Old Brass Ornaments

If Darth Vader hadn’t been from quite so long ago, or quite so far away, his helmet could have looked a lot like this… emblazoned with wild flourishes, ornate leaves and fleur de lis. In that case, his battles might have involved a lot more swashbuckling and with luck, would have been memorialized in writing by Alexandre Dumas… but that’s another story.

Old Timey Star Wars

Very proper, these Star Wars prints are.” Old Timey Star Wars, a personal project by New York based designer Nick Agin, puts our favorite characters from a galaxy far away into somewhat updated attire. Backgrounds of a more modern and mathematical appearance mesh well with the figures, and lend a further element of some alternate reality. See more of Agin’s personal and professional work, along with a selection of prints for sale at

Intergalactic Collision: Star Wars & Day of the Dead

A long time ago in a country a lot like Mexico… computer artist John Karpinsky created a perfect mix of traditional culture and the galactic phenominon that is Star Wars. His gorgeous illustrations are so spot on it seems like this is how George Lucas originally intended them. His inspiration:

“Star Wars was a large part of my childhood, which sadly passed long ago. This is my tribute to characters of my youth, an invitation to the celebration of that cultural phenomenon that shaped my life so long ago.”

For more of Karpinsky’s work, see his flickr or purchase prints at Etsy. If you liked these images, you’ll really dig our posts “Star Wars Depicted with Traditional Mexican Art,” “The Softer Side of Star Wars” and “Star Wars: Not So Long Ago After All.”

May the Fonts Be With You

A short time ago, on a word processor at H-57 Design, Star Wars posters were created only with typography. These clever designs even have the font types used for creating each character at the bottom of each poster. The likenesses are most impressive.

Darth Vader