This New Book Features the Darkest LEGOs We’ve Ever Seen

These certainly aren’t your kid’s LEGOs. Famed brick building artist and author Mike Doyle is back with another book of LEGO-based art – this time with a decidedly spooky theme. With chapters titled Creepy Crawlers, Dark Towers, Indulgences, Evil Attunement, Pits of Fire, and even Riot Girls, the new book, called Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark, is decidedly lacking in fairy tale castles or race cars.

Photos of New York City with the Power Out

new york city blackout 1

When hurricane sandy hit the city of New York, it took out the power in the bustling metropolis and all the lights went out. That’s when photographer Christophe Jacrot hit the streets to capture some remarkable images of the “city that never sleeps.” If there was any time this metropolis had a chance to rest, it may have been for a very short time after the hurricane hit.

Visual Bits #203> Hauntingly Cool Artworks

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A Dark and Epic Music Video Battle

This beautiful clip is the newest creation of the multi-talented director Yoann Lemoine. Besides proving himself with this dark, tense and captivating clip, he also composed the title track “Iron” under his sudonym Woodkid. Lemoine continues to put out high quality everything, making him something of a one-man-band of creativity.

The Shadow Filled World of Daniel Danger

With a taste for the macabre and as if channeling a more colorful version of the deceased Edward Gorey, Daniel Danger illustrates dark dreamy moonlit nights. A screen printer from New England, Danger’s art has been used by many notable bands such as Modest Mouse, The Decemberists, The Pogues, Built to Spill, Fall Out Boy, Silver Jews, and Nada Surf.