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Russians Risk Jail Time Climbing Pyramids for Pics

Friday 03.29.2013 , Posted by

Pyramids- 1

What we’ve been seeing lately is that some people will go to great lengths, risking jail time and their lives to get the perfect picture. Last week we introduced you to Vitaly Skywalker who hangs by one arm off of skyscrapers, before that was the self-portraits of Ahn Juhn dangerously close to the edge of tall buildings, and now a team of Russian tourists have broken the law, climbing the Great Pyramids to bring us this collection of images. To get these risky shots, the photographers waited hours after closing time to escape the guards, knowing that getting caught could be punishable by up to three years in prison. [Read more…]


Daredevil Hangs Off Tall Buildings

Friday 03.22.2013 , Posted by


There seems to be a trend happening in Eastern European countries. It’s “Let’s climb the highest buildings, bridges and towers in our region and then photograph us on their edges.” There have been some significant risk takers of the daring feats such as Vitaly Skywalker who we covered last year. Skywalker got caught by authorities though and has since reduced his stunts. Yet another audacious individual by the name of “Mustang Wanted” is proving to take the hobby, if you can call it that, to a new level. [Read more…]


They Call Him the Human Bird

Wednesday 11.02.2011 , Posted by

 :The Visual News Incredible Humans Series:


It is not often that suicidal thoughts can be the source of something positive in someone’s life.  When he was growing up Jeb Corliss often had thoughts of suicide and was extremely depressed.  For someone that does not care whether they die or not, base jumping and parachuting seem like a perfect fit. Jeb started out as a skydiver and then went on to become a base jumper.  His depression went away, but then became an obsession. [Read more…]