OK Go’s Unbelievable New Video: Thousands of Dancers with Synchronized Umbrellas

At this point, “OK Go” is basically synonymous with “viral video.” The band has a knack for dropping music video bombshells like it’s no big deal, popping them up online like their latest video for the song “I Won’t Let You Down” which appeared today. Get ready, because it’s actually amazing.

Dancers Among Us: Photographs Inspire Us to Appreciate Each Moment

Jordan Matter Dancers Among Us 1

“BE passionate joyful euphoric intense angry present ALIVE” – that’s the advice from world renowned photographer Jordan Matter. His project Dancers Among Us carries that spirit with it, transforming everyday situations into dynamic, and often nearly unbelievable scenes that capture the human body ALIVE. From the graceful, to the comical, to the intense, Matter has photographed dancers of all sorts in locations around the world – but especially in his home New York. Each image is an encouraging treasure, one that calls us to enjoy the beauty of life in each moment.

Break Dancers: Illustrating Motion

These brilliant break dancer illustrations will make any designer/illustrator want to bust a move. Created by French artist Florian Nicolle (aka Neo), each sketch like drawing carries with it the spirit of fast movements accurately performed. Seemingly to emphasize this effect, Neo has included Cartesian-like coordinate systems with swooping arrows and jotted notes about jump heights. It’s as if these were meant to show us how to perform these challenging moves.

Visual Bits #177> International Dance Day!

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What To Do On Your Lunch Hour? Have a Dance Party!

People go to work, bring their lunches with them or eat out, and after a while it becomes… well, normal. It can be easy to get into the routine of work, eat, work, go home and it feels like the days weren’t as exciting as you wish they would be.

Meet LunchBeat, a lunch hour dance party that started a little over a year ago in Sweden. With the objective to re-energize oneself and brighten up the routine workday, a group of Swedes organized the first dance party in an underground parking lot during their one hour lunch break. The rules? If you go, you have to dance. What’s the point in going if you’re not going to shake it?

Slow Motion: Capturing Action Like Never Before

:THE INCREDIBLE HUMAN SERIES:      click here to see more from the series


All the wildest sports, the fastest moving objects, the most intricate parts of science, seem to have been captured in beautiful quality over the years. Thanks to slow motion video technology we have seen time slowed down to a crawl, showcasing the most amazing things in a kind of clarity that cannot be seen at full speed: from a speeding bullet to a monstrous wave at Teahupoo, It’s as if slowing things down gives us the godlike ability to see even the most intricate of details. This technology has been around for many years, but recently it has become far more affordable, and as a result, many more visuals from athletes to animals have been captured like never before. What can be thanked for such advances? The Phantom HD camera is largely the culprit.

A Flash Mob Collection for Holiday Smiles


It must be hard to put a number on how many times a flash mob has occurred now. They seem to be popping up everywhere, surprising those lucky enough to catch one in action.  I still have not had the pleasure of being somewhere where one starts, but it must be pretty amazing to unexpectedly have one come to life around you.  This November, a really awesome one broke out in my home airport. For all of the weary travelers at Denver International Airport, Community-Minded Dance put on quite a show on November 22nd, just in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday. The crew put on a medley of Swing classics to put a smile on travelers faces

Taking Ballet To The Streets

Vihao Pham takes ballet out of the theater and studio, planting it naturally and gracefully in the streets. Each images transforms the urban landscape into something to be played with, enjoyed and danced upon, opening up discussion about how public space is viewed and used in everyday life.

Graceful Dancers: Movements Through Time

Something like a modern interpretation of Marcel Duchamps ‘Nude Decending a Staircase, artist Bill Wadman has captured 9 dancers in flowing motion with long exposure photography. Wadman has recently announced on his blog that he is putting a book out and is now producing signed prints of this series titled ‘Motion.’ The seductive images have been featured worldwide in The New York Times, La Monde, Der Spiegel, Times of London, USA Today, and Corriere della Sera… to name just a few of Wadman’s fans.

Street Photography Meets Breakdancing

Saint Louis Bridge

Everyone has seen breakdancers on the streets, but not everyone has seen them like this. While breakdancing is often viewed as a street culture, its roots go much deeper than a group of young people doing acrobatics on the street.  Carlo Cruz, while not a dancer himself, became inspired when his cousin made a b-boy documentary and asked him to take some stills.  From then on he was hooked and his photography continues to transform the street culture into an art form.