Brilliant Brazilian Ad Campaign Features Legendary Artists on the Dissecting Board

Art is an expression of what’s on the inside and now we can see what it was that gave Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh their signature styles. In an ad campaign for MASP Art School in Sao Paolo, Brazilian advertising agency DDB puts famous artists on the dissecting board to show how their insides are different from ours. Each artist’s internal organs are presented as he might have painted them. My imagination is running rampant with all of the possibilities for a continuation of this series.

Vintage Photographs Of Exotic Pets

Have you ever dreamt of owning an exotic animal such as a tiger, monkey, or oddly enough, an anteater like Salvador Dali? How about attaching a leash to your pet rabbit and taking it for a walk… or maybe a hop? Maybe you always wanted to play with the neighbor’s kid, but the pet lion he had in his backyard prevented you from doing so. With the endangerment of species around the world it’s understandable in this day and age that there are special permits required in order to have certain exotic animals as pets… but not long ago was a time that the adoption of these animals were advertised in the local paper.

Melting Wood: Surreal Hand-Carved Picture Frames

It’s hard not to see the heavy influence of Salvador Dali in these incredibly perfect melting picture frames. Part of the Duramen series of one-off handmade wooden sculptures, the impossible looking pieces of oak, fir and pear were created with the intention of breaking with the conventional ways of exhibiting… and they certainly do, turning the frame itself into the work of art. The contrasting pieces of wood seem to transform the hard material, breaking down its structure into something smooth, flowing and malleable. Created by the french multi-media creative agency Bonsoir Paris, the pieces walk a fine line between the deformed and the elegant, never crossing completely to the other side… and that’s just how they’re intended.

Who Knew Frida Liked Daft Punk…


Chilean illustrator, Fabian Ciraolo, has turned our historical icons into hipsters, and he’s done it in style. View Frida as the bad girl, Dali in a cut off shirt and tight jeans, the Dalai Lama rockin’ his boombox, Che Guevara in his bomber jacket waiting to run the pool table and Cleopatra being risqué in a leopard print top! You can find more of this pop culture artwork on Ciraolo’s blog.

The Surreal & Iconic Portraits of Philippe Halsman

Before the age of Photoshop, there was Philippe Halsman. His dynamic and imaginative photography broke the rules of the day by going against the soft focus style of the time and giving sharp focus to his subjects. He used both stage and darkroom techniques to produce gravity defying objects and invented new ways of interacting with subjects. His works often appeared on the cover of Life Magazine. He worked with celebrities as varied as Salvador Dali, Richard Nixon, and The Duke and Dutchess of Wales.