Impossible Objects: Perfectly Useless & Entertaining

How do you make a hammer for delicate jobs? Maybe you could make it out of glass. That’s the crazy logic behind many of the creations you’ll find here, defying any sense of reality or possibility of real use. From the warped mind of the late french artist Jacques Carelman, the objects you see here began with his 1969 Catalogue d’Objets Introuvables (Catalog of Impossible Objects) which emulated and parodied the style of the mail order catalog in his own bizarre fashion. In creating his whimsical objects he provided an entertaining commentary on modern society

Clever Hidden Meanings in Miniature Sculptures

Just what does an electric space heater have to do with a stuffed parakeet? By closely observing the interactions between the apparently dissimilar found objects in artist Nancy Fouts’ miniature sculptures, the meaning may start to reveal itself. The many paradoxical comparisons in her works aren’t always quick to divulge their secrets, but when you see them, they will surprise you with their creativity and often charged messages.