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Watercolor Painting Style Tattoos by Petra Hlaváčková

Friday 04.18.2014 , Posted by
1 Petra Hlaváčková Tattoo

The transparency of watercolor paint seems as though it would be a difficult look to achieve with ink on human skin, but Petra Hlaváčková is proving this is not the case. The tattoo artist, based in Prague, Czech Republic, contrasts bold sketched outlines with seemingly sheer pastel colors. She achieves looks that seem like they could only work on paper, like colors that appear to be spreading out as they soak into the skin. [Read more…]


Sunrise Through the Mist: Beautiful Mornings in Poland

Wednesday 11.21.2012 , Posted by

For anyone who wakes after the sunrise, you’ve missed it. Not so Polish photographer Boguslaw Strempel, he wakes well before the sun to capture some of the early morning delights – fantastic sun rays shining through the forest in his home country and in nearby Czech Republic. [Read more…]