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This Cycling Jacket Transforms You Into A Human Firefly

Monday 07.28.2014 , Posted by

Cycling has become an increasingly-popular way to travel, but sharing the road safely is not always easy. From narrow streets to hazardous intersections, city infrastructure can present some challenging situations for bikers commuting to work or those simply desiring a leisurely ride. [Read more…]


Which New York City Cyclist Would You Be?

Thursday 07.24.2014 , Posted by

If you’ve been to New York City – or any metropolitan area for that matter – you’ve probably spotted a few of these cyclists. Artist Kurt McRobert drew up this fantastic taxonomy of NYC bicyclists for a Time Out New York feature; and from the chain smoking “hipster,” to the “weekend warriors”, his images have nailed every single stereotype. Be careful though: you might find yourself fitting comfortably into one of these descriptions. [Read more…]


See a Little Dog on a Big Bike Tour from the East Coast to the West Coast this May!

Tuesday 04.08.2014 , Posted by
1 dog going on a cross country bicycle tour

Next month a little dog named Petunia, and her human, will be leaving their hometown in New Jersey, by bicycle, and heading to Virginia to start cycling Adventure Cycling Association’s TransAmerica route all the way to Astoria, Oregon! A journey of over 4,000 miles, the duo will be documenting their travels and turning them into a documentary. According to this adventurous dog’s human, “Petunia is seat belted into her dog pod via a chest harness that has a seatbelt low in the front, and another one on the back that prevents her from getting too far out when she’s enjoying the fresh air. She likes to ride and hasn’t tried to jump out. She has a special signal for when she needs a potty break (and she’s pretty regular so I can anticipate break times mostly).” It’s clear that this pup was born to ride! [Read more…]


The Empire State Building Made From Bicycle Tire Tracks

Thursday 03.20.2014 , Posted by
1 nyc bike art

With one of the most effective public transportation systems in the world, NYC is one of the best cities to live without a car. But you miss out on a lot of sights when you’re underground, and you don’t need a metrocard to get around the city when you have a bicycle, weather permitting… Bike culture is huge in NYC, which is why artist Thomas Yang was inspired to create a piece that showcases a New York City icon made out of inked bicycle tire tracks. Using 7 different bicycle tires, he produced a beautiful image of the Empire State Building. [Read more…]


Spinning Southward: Biking From Alaska to Argentina

Wednesday 11.21.2012 , Posted by

When he joined Spinning Southward and started the 10,000 mile ride south with his camera and laptop, filmmaker Nateon Allejo thought his problems would be finding clean water and fighting off banditos, not trying to figure out where to fix technology in Latin America. Yet that was pretty much what characterized most of his trip. The plan was to document, edit, and post short clips along the journey, but the constant shaking of equipment along the ride made that much more difficult than he could have predicted. [Read more…]


The Man Who Lived on His Bike

Tuesday 01.31.2012 , Posted by

Author James E. Starrs once said “Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling” and this catchy new video, which will make you smile ear-to-ear and itch to hop on a two wheeled contraption, proves Starrs was right. I’m sure Montreal based cyclist Guillaume Blanchet would agree too. He spent 382 days riding through the streets of the sometimes cold, sometimes hot and sometimes rather scary Canadian city filming himself from the handlebars of his bike, all the while looking like he lives on the saddle. [Read more…]


Tour de France: A Daily Poster for Each Stage

Wednesday 07.20.2011 , Posted by

Le Tour de France, the world pinnacle of bicycle racing, comes rushing to a close this week and will see one quick rider standing in triumph wearing the yellow jersey. To commemorate each day of the meandering 3430km two wheeled battle, designer Neil Stevens has been creating beautiful daily posters of the races 21 varied stages. Each design features the days winning riders sporting their relevant colors as they speed through landscapes representing the days terrain. Even if you aren’t a cycling fan, these bright designs are sure to get your wheels spinning with inspiration. Check Stevens’ site, for daily updates as the race progresses. [Read more…]


Classic Cyclists in Profile

Friday 06.10.2011 , Posted by

We really dig the tight cropped composition and sense of speed found in these illustrations by Italian designer Riccardo Guasco. Each design, created using just overlaid shapes and textures, features the profile of a classically attired cyclist in motion. See more of Guasco’s bicycle, volcano and whale filled works at [Read more…]


Cycling Copenhagen, Through North American Eyes

Wednesday 02.02.2011 , Posted by

If there was ever a bike friendly city, it would be Copenhagen, Denmark. At first glance, this city with it’s cold northern climate and population of nearly 2 million wouldn’t seem to make sense as a bicycling meca, but street planning with an emphasis on cycling has made this form of transportation the prefered method for traveling around… and often much faster than a car when getting from place to place.

In this video by StreetFilms, North Americans weigh in with their take upon a society in love with pedal based transportation, observing the general happiness and health of the Copenhagen population. Filmed during StreetFilms visit to the Velo-City 2010 conference, an event dedicated to celebrating and promoting the use of bicycles as transport in the urban environment. The event will be held this year in sun soaked Sevilla, Spain. See you there! [Read more…]