This Miniature Food Will Make Your Mouth Water, Even Though It Could Never Satisfy Your Appetite

Cooking channels are a dime a dozen, but not many people could reproduce the magnificent feat of cooking real food, small enough for a Barbie doll to eat. Though it’s doubtful Barbie would even eat if she could, Miniature Space will have your mouth watering while your jaw is dropped, so you might want to have a napkin ready to catch the puddle of drool. With miniature kitchen appliances, pots, knives, utensils, and food, Miniature Space uses tea lights in their iron stove to heat up tiny cast iron pans or kettles.

Super Creative Dad Takes Super Clever Photos of his Super Cute Sons

Mechanical engineer by day and creative photographer in his spare time, Wes Armson captures the precious baby moments and feelings that parents want to remember forever. It started with his own sons Skyler (now 2 years old) and Maddox (4 months), shown in the pictures below, but now he extends his services to other babies and families near his home in Calgary, Canada. Although his subjects are already incredibly adorable, he comes up with clever concepts to up the cuteness factor, turning his sons into superheroes, bookworms, and his very own photography assistants.

Short on Space? Try Ultra-Small Bonsai Trees

Is your tiny studio apartment too tiny even for a bonsai tree? Nope. These are easily small enough. Apparently there’s an ultra-small bonsai trend sweeping Japan that includes examples reaching no higher than 3cm (1.18 in)! Not all there are trees of course – many are succulents and some are even weeds plucked from the sidewalk.

Corrective Baby Helmets Become Fashion Statements in the Hands of This Painter

With the advent of SIDS prevention tips, which suggest positioning babies on their backs to sleep, it has become increasingly common for infants to develop plagiocephaly, also known as flat head syndrome. The diagnosis is easily treated when the baby spends an average of 3-4 months wearing a corrective helmet. As effective as these helmets are, they are not very attractive in their natural, boring, white plastic state, but painter Paula Strawn has made them so beautiful that every kid (and probably most adults) wishes they could wear one.

This Preschooler is Doing Impressive Yoga with Her Mom

There’s plenty of hype about ‘couples yoga’ but what if your partner was your pre-school aged child? That’s the team we see here – yogo instructor Laura Kasperzak busting out some impressive moves with her very young daughter. Some of their poses are beautiful, some are cute, and others are jaw dropping… and with over 700,000 followers on Instagram, we’re not the only ones impressed.

Pet Rats Photographed with Miniature Teddy Bears

For anyone who’s ever owned a pet rat, they’ll know these furry little guys are seriously smart and have loads of personality… but these endearing photographs take that to a whole new level. For the last few years, Jessica Florence and Ellen van Deelen, two independent photographers, have been celebrating the fun relationship they have with the tiny rodents by taking photographs of them hugging miniature teddy bears. Yes, rats hugging teddy bears. It’s as cute as it sounds.

Creative Mommy Makes Blackboard Adventures for Baby

Anna Eftimie 1

To announce the birth of her son, photographer Anna Eftimie wanted to do something memorable and different. After brainstorming with her creative husband, a light bulb went off in their heads and they decided to create a stork scene with chalk on a blackboard and place their 5 day old baby in a blanket bundle in the stork’s mouth. The announcement was a huge hit and their families and friends were begging for more. The couple, based in San Jose, CA found sources of inspiration all around them and soon a whole series of blackboard adventures was imagined and achieved.

Babymugging- The Latest, Greatest Photo Trend


For the latest photo trend all you need is a baby and a mug- or teacup, solo cup, or Chinese food container- as some have shown. Using forced perspective make it look like the baby is popping out of it and voila you’ve just caught a #babeinacup! Also known as #babymugging, this Instagram trend was started by Mommyshorts blogger Ilana Wiles. The creative mother of two beautiful girls has a hilarious parenting blog about her family life in NYC.

Visual Bits #419 > Animals Do The Darnedest Things

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A friendship between a young girl and her cat


Andy Prokh and his wife have had a cat for 4 years by the name of LiLu Blue Royal Lada. When the British shorthair Lilu was 2 years old, little Katherine came into the world and Andy decided it would be nice to document the journey of the newest members of the household together. Since his daughter was born he has been following through… and it’s quite amazing all the things they do!