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Unbelievably Delicate Cut Paper Illustrations by Maude White

Thursday 08.14.2014 , Posted by
Maude White Cut Paper Illustrations 1

It’s simply incredible that artist Maude White creates the illustrations you see here with just a sheet of white paper. Using just a craft knife, she makes images that would be difficult for most of us to draw – from delicately feathered birds to a woman’s wind-blown hair. Her works make exceptional use of negative space – a secret best revealed when they cast a shadow on the wall. [Read more…]


The Closer You Look, The More You See. New Paper-Cut Masterpieces from Bovey Lee

Tuesday 07.29.2014 , Posted by
Bovey Lee Cut Paper 2014 4

Bovey Lee Cut Paper 2014 6

It’s hard to believe, but each of these lattice-like pieces is hand-cut from a single sheet of Chinese xuan (rice) paper using an X-acto knife… and no rulers or stencils. They are the work of Pittsburgh-based artist Bovey Lee (we’ve admired her work before) who has been perfecting her precise craft since 2005. Her recent pieces feature dense frameworks of plant life, interspersed with the creations of the human world – a contrast she continues to explore [Read more…]


Heading to SXSW? Check Out Column Five’s Unreal Paper Craft Animation

Friday 03.07.2014 , Posted by

The crafty people at Column Five now have offices in California and New York, so what better way to announce their country spanning convergence on SXSW this week than this stellar paper craft animation? Whether you prefer mustard covered hot dogs, fresh zesty tacos or a juicy rack of ribs, the short animation will keep your eyes well pleased and your stomach… well… fiber filled. It’s paper after all. [Read more…]


Artist Cuts Exquisite Trees into Luxury Shopping Bags

Thursday 12.12.2013 , Posted by
Yuken Teruya Trees Cut Into Paper Bags 1

If there’s one living thing NOT excited about the holiday season, it has to be the tree. Think of all the wrapping paper, newspaper ad sections and piles of shopping bags! Japanese artist Yuken Teruya has been transforming that last item into something that recalls its living source. With impressive precision he cuts a two-part silhouette – the lower branches and trunk, and the leafy top – into the side of each bag. Then he carefully folds them down into the space inside, joining the two shapes together and finally rooting the base of the trunk with a single drop of glue. Looking inside, viewers are treated to a magically idillic scene, softly lit through the holes above. [Read more…]


Intricate Paper Cutouts by Hand on Rice Paper

Friday 05.03.2013 , Posted by

Bovey Lee 7

I am in complete awe of these delicate paper cutouts by Philly-based artist Bovey Lee. With the steadiness of a surgeon, she carves unbelievably detailed designs, patterns, and storyscapes into rice paper then backs them with silk- no laser cutters necessary! Although it looks like she has spent a lifetime mastering this technique, Lee has only been doing it since 2005. Her steady hand could be attributed to the Chinese calligraphy she practiced from the age of ten, growing up in Hong Kong. Lee’s imaginative designs blend fantasy with reality and her delicate execution is remarkable. [Read more…]


Estonian Illustrations made with Cut Paper

Wednesday 01.16.2013 , Posted by


When you look at the work of Estonian illustrator, graphic designer and art director Eiko Ojala, it’s hard to imagine it’s just flat pieces of paper. Even in printed form his works seem to spring from the page, bringing a surprising extra layer of dynamic detail to his otherwise wonderful illustrative style. As you can see, this is far beyond typical arts & crafts time. [Read more…]


Fanciful Characters of Cut Paper

Monday 10.31.2011 , Posted by

Patrick Gannon pieces his intricately cut paper together like a puzzle, creating beautiful beast filled worlds. The way the curving organic lines form each object give an inviting, earthy, even peaceful feel. Each work is built on a piece of thick wood, some allowing the grain to show through to the finished work. Gannon lives on the beautiful island of Fukuoka, Japan. See more at, follow him on Twitter or like him on Facebook [Read more…]