Patagonia Wants You To “Vote The Environment”

Is voting on your calendar? This October and November mark primary and mid-term elections seasons, and according to a recent poll by Harvard University, only 23% of young people “definitely plan” to vote.

A Crowdsourced Film Created With Pictures From 852 Different Instagram Users


With each snap of the shutter, our world is increasingly being catalogued by the hordes of photographers roaming the globe; and as projects like Microsoft’s Photosynth have shown, that information is useful for reproducing a surprisingly convincing reality. Now, French art director Thomas Jullien has been crowdsourcing from a relatively new spring of imagery – Instagram. He’s created a surprisingly beautiful film.

Embrace Your Limitations & Share Your Story


After years of pointillist drawings, Phil Hansen developed nerve damage while he was in art school and his hand began to shake. He stopped doing art all together and felt lost, until he went to see a neurologist who told him although the damage was irreversible, he should “embrace the shake.” Hansen took this advice to heart and found new ways to create art. He began thinking of limitations he could impose upon his art- one piece using under $1 of supplies, another series of paintings on his chest rather than a canvas, and a spiral portrait created by the words of other people’s inspirational stories. He made a portrait of Jackie Chan using Karate chops with paint on his hand for each stroke and his creativity and inspirational story landed him a TED talk (see below). Now Phil Hansen has started a Kickstarter to create a new motivational, collaborative piece by having people call him to share their stories of facing a limitation and he will hire a team to help him create a documentary of the process.

Star Wars Uncut: A Crowdsourced Sequel

Star Wars Uncut

If you’re a die hard Star Wars fan, then you’ve probably heard of- or possibly even participated in- the 2010 Emmy winning crowdsourced project Star Wars Uncut:A New Hope. Created by Casey Pugh, who also created the Vimeo player that we love so dearly, Star Wars Uncut is a collective remake of Star Wars IV: A New Hope by over thousands of fans from more than 30 countries. Casey Pugh divided the movie into 15 second clips and allowed fans to reserve a scene to re-enact. The project went viral and within a month all of the scenes were taken and once submitted, it was time for Bryan Pugh and Aaron Valdez to stitch it all together.