A Secret Underwater Ballroom, Built For a Notorious Victorian Swindler

Whitley Estate Secret Ballroom 2

Walk far into the woods near the village of Witley in Surrey, England and you’ll find a hidden treasure. The directions go like this: Walk a mile and a quarter west, into the long neglected woods. Find the stone wall surrounding a kitchen garden. There you’ll find a small building with an arched doorway. Go inside, down the spiral staircase, and walk down the long teardrop-shaped tunnel to the end. There’s no “X” marking this treasure, but you’ll know you’ve found it. You’re now in a domed, glass ceilinged room, yellow light gently flickering through the water above. Welcome to Whitaker Wright’s hidden ballroom, submerged deep beneath a murky lake.

New York Crime Photos – Superimposing Then and Now (Warning: Graphic)

Marc Hermann New York Crime Photos Superimposed 7

Alongside all the glitz and glamour, New York has always had a grim and grisly side. Mark Hermann, photographer and historian for the New York Press Photographers Association, has stitched together imagery collected from the New York Daily News archive, showing crime photos from the not-so-distant past, superimposed on the sanitized New York of today. Be warned – his film-noir-esq images are not for the faint of heart.

Mugshot Doppelgänger: Old Mugs Get Celebrity Faces

We’re used to seeing the mugshots of celebrities on everything from TMZ to the latest grocery store tabloid covers… and whether we want to know or not, the stories of their problems seem to trickle down to us from the television, the paper or the the water cooler gossip at work. But, what if those familiar stories were removed from the context we are used to and placed in a past much like our own current era. These images take the familiar mugshot expressions of modern celebrities and place them on the mugshots of moonshiners, prostitutes and thieves from the 1920s. The vintage images have the effect of making us look at these modern miscreants with a new eye, perhaps reevaluating their humanity or even reimagining their storied pasts.

A Glowing Surprise: Day and Night Poster

The freaks come out at night in this poster! Jason Dean of The Best Part has created one glowing example of a design: Day and Night is a print with an innocent side when the lights are on and a darker one when the lights go out. The hidden glow-in-the-dark ink changes the tame cityscape into a world of crime, sex and zombies with the flick of your light switch. While the current printing is sold out, Dean promises new versions in the near future, so keep checking over at The Best Part to see what’s up

The Personal Touch on Informative Graphics

Instead of using vector drawings normally associated with informational graphics, designer Peter Ørntoft has used carefully planned photographs to create a series of booklets based on opinion polls for 10 Danish social topics. Exploring statistics related to crime, religion and health, his work puts a very personal and hands-on touch to these social numbers, asking the viewer not only to learn from the information, but to feel it as well.