Most Awesome Google Docs Presentation… Ever.

Created by 3 animators, over 3 days, from 3 different location, and using only Google Docs Presentation, this colorful and entertaining animation will make your head spin. The crew used 450 individual slides to draw each frame and used no animation software or high tech hardware… just good old Google Docs.

You can check out the original animation and all it’s slides at or for more clever uses of Google creations, artistic and otherwise, check out

A Fairytale World Created from Old Books

Looking as if the story has risen right out of the page, Su Blackwell’s small sculptures tell fairytale stories. She creates three-dimensional cut paper sculptures out of old books, often using the classic imagery off the page as her subjects. Her works are highly detailed, well planned and sometimes take up to a month to complete.

Blackwell, an artist and art director, has recently worked on advertising campaigns for Volvo, Pilsner Urquell, and Cartier, Paris. For more on her highly original work or to visit her online shop, see her website

Little Red Riding Hood – 2010

Re-Imagining the Piano: Improvisation & Deconstruction

A fixture of both classical and modern music, the piano has been around since the early 1700s, and its predecessors, the harpsicord and clavichord, for much longer. Originally invented because it was able to produce more varied tones and volumes than what came before, it revolutionized music. However, it was only recently that the way a piano could be played was re-imagined, giving it far more tones… and in some cases, bringing into question whether it is even still a piano.

Freaky Art Created With Free Software

Creating painterly faces with piercing eyes and gaping mouths is the passion of artist and programmer Kevin, aka flikr on flickr. Using Vexler, one of many programs he created himself, Kevin has created a large, macabre body of work. For more on his free and artistic programs check out, or for more of his work, see his art on flickr.

David Kramer Remixes the Good Life

With bitterly sarcastic and ironic spin, artist David Kramer re-envisions 70’s advertising, giving it a possibly more realistic, certainly more entertaining glass-half full message. An artist from New York, his watercolors have been well received at galleries in the United States, Canada and Europe… proving that people are more than ready for a little humor and straight talk about the American Dream.

For more on David Kramer’s drawings, paintings and videos see or his blog Toothless Alcoholic

Infinity: What Are You Thinking About?

Imagine a world where all your thoughts come to life, every amazing invention you can think is realized before your eyes and each adventure is a journey instantly manifested. In their new advertisement for Batelco, the filmmakers at Spyfilms create a reality where all ideas are possible… and it’s one amazing roller coaster ride.

The film is part of a rather confusing interactive Facebook campaign for the Bahrain based communications group Batelco. It invites viewers to take webcam shots of themselves, the slogan “Batelco. Bringing ideas to life” is pasted over their face and then they are supposed to put down their ‘ideas’. Where this is all going, and to what ends, left us a little lost… we think Batelco could implement an instructional ‘about’ video to great advantage. Regardless, it’s a thrilling film by the very talented folks at Spyfilm.

Good Robot, Bad Robot. The Creepy BLINKY Teaser

“I know what I want for Christmas! I’ll never get sick of it.” A young boy receives his perfect Christmas gift in Ruairi Robinson’s (pronounced Raw-ree) creepy upcoming sci-fi film, Blinky. The film, starring Max Records (Where the Wild Things Are), is based around a future where every home has a robot helper and no one has to worry because their kids are “perfectly safe.” With his perpetual smile, Blinky looks like the perfect psychopathic nightmare for the 21st century.

Robinson, a commercial advertising director and animator, is the creator of the academy nominated animated film Fifty Percent Grey, and the critically acclaimed short film The Silent City, which we’ve included for your enjoyment at the bottom of this page.

Creating an Infinite Collection of Interesting People

Most Interesting Person (MIP) is a film interview project and a potentially infinite collection of the most interesting people as told by the last person interviewed. With a potentially infinite degree of separation, each fascinating person interviewed talks about who they are, and then leads us to who they think is the most interesting person they know. And the list goes on…

Facebook Email: Clearly a Good Choice

The news has already broken about the new and revolutionary Facebook email, aka Messages, but the other day I saw a tweet from Randi Zuckerberg that mentioned a superb video she worked on. It breaks down how this new system will simplify our daily communication, making it quicker and more direct… and it will do so in style.
Paul Caridad, Visual News Contributor

To check out the new system by becoming a beta tester, go to this page on Facebook.

May the Fonts Be With You

A short time ago, on a word processor at H-57 Design, Star Wars posters were created only with typography. These clever designs even have the font types used for creating each character at the bottom of each poster. The likenesses are most impressive.

Darth Vader