One Day One Photo

When Jonathan Harris turned 30 on August 27th 2009, he decided it was a year to capture his life: to catch memories in quick glimpses and hold on to them. Listening to Harris narratate the creative process of his one year project is touchingly intimate and gives one the feeling of going on the journey with him. Full screen this, give yourself a moment to reflect and appreciate the beauty of life.


Iconic Architecture Simplified

Above is a minimalist poster of Frank Lloyd Wright | Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York.

Andrea Gallo has created 6 crisp, black and white images highlighting pieces of iconic architecture from around the world. It’s impressive how the incredibly simple two-tone features in these posters so well convey the featured architects style.


Flat Marble Run Is A Thin, Geometric Puzzle

This super sweet toy design lets you create an infinite variety of marble runs on any magnetic surface. Challenging people to use their creative and logical mind, it cleverly forms a rectangular shape when marble time is over, just like the blocks of our childhood. Called Plama Marble Run 2D, it’s nearly as flat as it’s Swiss maker Bernhard Burkard implies.


Yellow Balloons Take Over Germany

Hans Hemmert is fascinated by air and latex balloons in a bright canary yellow. But these aren’t just your average latex inflatables, some fill entire rooms while others surround Hemmert himself. Posing as a giant elongated egg, he performs dances or interacts with the objects outside his elastic bubble. His work here is just a small sample of the expansive portfolio displayed at


Stumbleupon Contest: Get Discovered!

Stumbleupon, one of the best web discovery tools out there, is putting on a great contest of which you videographers should really take note. All you have to do is enter one of your own previously made videos to the contest, but as it ends on February 28th you’ve got to act quick!


The Shape of Design: It’s How We Define It

What exactly is design and how would we define it? Is it making something function well or making it look good? Graphic designer, illustrator and educator, Frank Chimero speaks at the Build Conference about historical views of design and the great importance of knowing many things outside of the field. Design is more a vessel than an object, he says, it’s primary worth being what it holds.


Tear & Cut: 2 Stop Motion Videos Made with Paper

These two stop motion videos are so incredibly clever. Using paper isn’t too unusual, but tearing off pieces of the paper and then running the film backwards definataly got our attention. The effect makes objects take shape as if by magic, each torn piece appearing to glue itself back together to create a seamless object once again.


Hip-Hop Mayhem with Cops On Fire

You know those shots from That 70’s Show where the kids are all sitting around the table in the basement philosophizing about life? This music video starts out like that, with a camera circling on a table… then explodes into dizzy arts and crafts mayhem! A cardboard world appears, buildings burn down, water-skiers do jumps… and all in a tiny cafe.

Featuring Moscow-based hip-hop and rap group Cops on Fire. For more of their catchy beats check out their official website or myspace page.


Most Awesome Google Docs Presentation… Ever.

Created by 3 animators, over 3 days, from 3 different location, and using only Google Docs Presentation, this colorful and entertaining animation will make your head spin. The crew used 450 individual slides to draw each frame and used no animation software or high tech hardware… just good old Google Docs.

You can check out the original animation and all it’s slides at or for more clever uses of Google creations, artistic and otherwise, check out


A Fairytale World Created from Old Books

Looking as if the story has risen right out of the page, Su Blackwell’s small sculptures tell fairytale stories. She creates three-dimensional cut paper sculptures out of old books, often using the classic imagery off the page as her subjects. Her works are highly detailed, well planned and sometimes take up to a month to complete.

Blackwell, an artist and art director, has recently worked on advertising campaigns for Volvo, Pilsner Urquell, and Cartier, Paris. For more on her highly original work or to visit her online shop, see her website

Little Red Riding Hood – 2010