Motorcycle Chariot Racing 01

It Doesn’t Get Cooler than Motorcycle Chariots

Motorcycles have been called “Iron Steeds” for a long time, but the forgotten sport of motorcycle chariot racing really took that horse thing literally. Yes. Motorcycle. Chariot. Racing. And it looks just as tough as it sounds.

12 Crazy Christmas Decorated Cars

Tis the season to be jolly and decorate like crazy, right? In our neighborhoods during the holiday season, there is always that one neighbor who goes above and beyond the common Christmas decor standards and makes their local utility company ...

Captivating Images of Parkour in Action

If you don’t know what “Parkour” is, it is an activity of moving along in the quickest and most efficient way through jumping, running and climbing. The sport requires a good deal of strength as the participants jump over buildings ...

10 Unusual Homes around the world

All around the world there are many “unique” places to call home. Some people live in caves, sailboats, and apartments 7000 feet above sea level. As one travels across the planet, one sees the nearly unlimited range of places people ...

Cool Igloo Hotel in Finland

The Igloo Village in Kakslauttanen, Finland is one the nicest hotels in cold climates one can visit. Every igloo is provided with a clear glass ceiling which allows guests to gaze at the beautiful northern lights and stars, all while ...

Skywalking in Russia: Photographing High Points

What is there to do in Russia for fun? There is the drinking of good vodka (or bad if you live in Siberia), clubbing all night in Moscow or “Skywalking.” Yes, it’s not something involving lightsabers or dancing funky around ...
Avoid the noid

It Was Hard to Avoid the Noid in the 80′s

In the late 80’s, nothing said pizza like Domino’s Pizza and The Noid. This loony claymation troublemaker hated hot, tasty pizza enough that he spent all his time trying to destroy it using lasers, pogostick crushers and pie freezing guns. ...