Every Year for Christmas, This Photographer Dresses Up His Dog

20 years ago, photographer Peter Thorpe started a wonderful Christmas tradition. For his annual holiday card he enlists the help of his dog, using elaborate costumes to transform him into different animals. It’s hilarious fun, and very, very clever.

This German Pointer Wears Wild Outfits

There are few things that inspire photographs like a pet… especially one with loads of character. Lal is a German shorthair pointer with character in spades, and a lot of patience too. He sits through loads of photo shoots with his owner (who goes by ma_hovina on Instagram), making images from the theatrical to the surreal. Get a load of all the bizarre hats, objects perfectly balanced on his head and even a few cased where he’s sprouted wings.

Forget Expensive Costumes: Here’s Some Low Cost Cosplay

So here’s the situation: you badly want to hit up Comic-Con, but you’re a few bucks short of a fully molded, hyper-real Ironman costume… like, $3200 short. The truth is, that’s not even a problem! Enter Thai cosplay enthusiast Anucha “Cha” Saengchart and his Facebook page Low Cost Cosplay.

You’ve got a bath towel and a pillow? Mirror mirror, now you’re the Evil Queen from Snow White.

Cat Battle Armor for the Raging Feline

Is your cat an “unstoppable force for slaughter?” Do they constantly come home with battle wounds? Or maybe they’re just as obsessed with cosplay as you are. Enter this very rugged Cat Battle Armor from Schnabuble. Yes, you better have a good relationship with your feline friend, or else they will be getting whatever they want (which probably changes nothing).

Just check out that full articulation! How about the riveted construction and those terrifying dorsal spines. For the cat who has everything and needs more – this is the ultimate accessory – and it will only set you back $500+!

Suburban Fantasy: People Wearing Their Costumes at Home

Just the two of us, Klaus Pichler, 2013

“Who hasn’t had the desire just to be someone else for a while?” That’s the question Austrian photographer Klaus Pichler is asking with his newest photo series, Just the Two of Us. The collection of photographs explores the way people use costumes to create alter egos or a second skin – which can then be used to modify their behavior. The best part? He’s been tracking down owners of elaborate costumes and photographing them in their own homes. Thus, both the subject and their home becomes the star of this work – at once capturing wildly creative costumes and also the often mundane location where their owners live.

Amazing Halloween Costumes for Kids Based on Your Favorite Movies & TV Shows

Kids Halloween Costumes- 1 Ghostbusters

Trick or treat! Although it’s probably past the time when you would be deciding what to dress your kids up as for Halloween, we thought it might brighten your day to see some hilarious kids costumes. Although some of the characters they portray are not kid-friendly (I would hope no child has seen Silence of the Lambs or Breaking Bad) and likely based more on their parents’ favorite movies and television shows, it’s pretty entertaining to see children in these roles. If I saw trick-or-treaters dressed in some of these costumes I might just have to pour my whole bowl of candy into their bag!

Chess Pieces Come to Life: A Brilliant Conceptual Photography Set by Francesco Ridolfi

1 Chess-Portraits-White-Queen by Francesco Ridolfi

One of the greatest strategy board games ever made, chess has been around since 1090. The game reached Europe via the Islamic world the word and the term “checkmate” began as the Persian phrase “shāh māt” which means “the King is helpless.” Now it is one of the most popular games in the world and Italian photographer Francesco Ridolfi has decided to bring both sides of all 6 chess pieces to life. In his exquisitely imagined and executed “Chess Portraits” series, Ridolfi shows us the duality of each piece with a white and black costumed version of the Queen, King, Bishop, Knight, Rook and Pawn. The props, character choice, and costuming is so well done that it will be difficult not to picture these characters during your next chess match.

Mom Shows Her Daughter How to Play Dress-Up as Influential Women Rather Than Disney Princesses

1-Jaime Moore- Amelia Earheart

With Halloween just around the corner, we wanted to share this amazing idea set for little girls unlike any costume you’ll find in a store. For her daughter’s fifth birthday, Austin,Texas-based photographer Jaime Moore wanted to do a special photo shoot with her daughter. She looked online for dress-up costume inspiration and 95% of her search results yielded how-to’s for princess transformations. While princesses are awesome, there are a lot more amazing and realistic things for young girls to aspire to be. Aside from Disney, Kate Middleton is likely the only princess that little girls have ever heard of, so showing them other women who have actually done amazing things for the world gives them more to dream about.

Twinsies: Artist Makes Book Posing As Each of His Fans

1 David Ceo of Tumblr

Remember “Spirit Week” in high school when there would be a Twin Day and you and your BFF would dress exactly alike? Well that’s kind of what photographer Cheyne Gallarde does for fun! The artist dresses up and poses like people of all different backgrounds and ethnicities for a project he calls Universe of One. Gallard posted a Kickstarter at the end of last year offering to create a twinsie pic for each one of his backers. Needless to say, the project was quickly funded and Gallard has been very busy recreating the photos for his book which will be out in mid-April. Tumblr will soon be featuring his work on their blog, hence the lead image of Gallard as CEO David Karp. Check out our interview with Gallard after the jump then head over to his Facebook for more twin-tastic images and the latest news for how to be a part of Volume 2!

Blast From the Past: Hilarious Halloween Costumes

It’s hard to imagine what Halloween costumes were like before slutty versions of every imaginable character fresh from the sweat shops of China graced our store shelves. Back in the day before temporary Halloween stores could be found in strip malls everywhere, many more people created their own costumes and the results were impressive to say the least. Check out this fun collection Halloween attire from yesteryear.