Pixelated People in the Real World: A Series on Fuzzy Self-Representation in the Digital Era

Johan Rosenmunthe Off II Pixelated People 1

With modern interactive tools like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even online dating, our concept of what constitutes reality is increasingly plastic, especially when it comes to individuals. People put up representations of themselves that often have little to do with their actually personality, or at best equal some idealized notion of what they want us to see. Meanwhile, others are voyeuristically absorbing these offerings at ever increasing rates. It’s all leading to a very fuzzy image of who we are as individuals. Copenhagen-based artist Johan Rosenmunthe has been exploring these themes of the modern era in his series two part series Off, creating photographically sharp environments filled with individuals blurred out in pixelated 8-bit form. As he puts it: “Never have we had access to so much information about each other, and never has the information been so unreliable.”

Visual Bits #424 > Worldly Inspiration In The Streets

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The Colorfully Diverse Design of Hvass & Hannibal

Hvass and Hannibal 6

If there’s one thing you can say about the duo behind design studio Hvass & Hannibal it would be this: they sure aren’t afraid of color. The studio, which takes its excellent name from the two founders, has been creating imaginative and bold work since its inception in 2006. Since then they have done multi-disciplinary work in fields as varied as interior and set design, to motion graphics and illustration, all in their fun yet mature signature style.

Cycling Copenhagen, Through North American Eyes

If there was ever a bike friendly city, it would be Copenhagen, Denmark. At first glance, this city with it’s cold northern climate and population of nearly 2 million wouldn’t seem to make sense as a bicycling meca, but street planning with an emphasis on cycling has made this form of transportation the prefered method for traveling around… and often much faster than a car when getting from place to place.

In this video by StreetFilms, North Americans weigh in with their take upon a society in love with pedal based transportation, observing the general happiness and health of the Copenhagen population. Filmed during StreetFilms visit to the Velo-City 2010 conference, an event dedicated to celebrating and promoting the use of bicycles as transport in the urban environment. The event will be held this year in sun soaked Sevilla, Spain. See you there!