Visual Bits #427> Pop Art Keepin’ It Real: Funny & Cool

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Seriously Cool Refrigerator Art

2  Fridge Art by Charlie Layton

I wish I could have a T-shirt of every one of these rad designs by Charlie Layton. On his Tumblr, Freezer Friday, he spoils us with a new, brilliant image that he sketches on his trusty Kenmore icebox with a “pterrific” pterodactyl magnet. In just 25 minutes, the Philadelphia based freelance designer transforms his refrigerator into art. The fridge and freezer have a dry erase surface and with his black expo markers and clever mind he brings a little life to his kitchen. I’m obsessed with the lead here: Bob Ross painting a picture of himself, painting a picture of himself, painting a picture of himself, painting a picture of himself, painting a picture of himself, painting a picture of a penis. Why has this never been done before?

The Fitzroy: Film Project Set in the Post-Apocalyptic 50s

An exciting film set in an alternate post-apocalyptic 1950s, is looking for support through crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Andrew Harmer, an emerging writer and director from the the UK, has everything he needs: a script, a passionate team, and a great location for his feature film “The Fitzroy.” Well, almost everything. The team is trying to raise $96,550 to make the film a reality. So far, they have raised almost 40,000 and there are 17 days left to go.

Visual Bits #254> Rockin’ Star Wars Art

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Visual Bits #203> Hauntingly Cool Artworks

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Mustache and Lighting Bolt Wallets

Have you ever wanted to grow that slick mustache but your old lady won’t let you? Do you find you need that Zeus energy for your daily life (and your old lady)? Do you just want to be “cool?” Well friends, Whodini Handmade is here to assist you in these needs and more.

Whodini Handmade makes some of the finest wallets coming from California these days. Full of masculine energy, the mustache and lighting series’ are some of their most popular lines with the men (and some women).

The Beauty of Vomiting Pandas & Flying Sharks

Shaman of the Rainbow Vomiting Pandas – © Derek Chatwood

Rainbow vomiting pandas? The sky taken over by flying sharks? This is the colorful and trippy world of Derek Chatwood. He has a talent for making bold illustrations that hold both humor and often an undercurrent of poniency that only adds to the full stories they tell. He produces his works with pencil and ink, drawing the outline freehand, then ‘paints’ the images using Photoshop. When he’s not at his day job as a video game designer and illustrator he says “whatever collects in the mental filter over the week of media saturation, I spend my weekend trying to squeeze back out onto paper.” It would seem his weeks are saturated with pure Technicolor brilliance.