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Ready for Your Creative Launch? Spend Weeks With World-Class Talents Crafting Your Big Break

Tuesday 02.25.2014 , Posted by


For all of us pursuing creativity, there’s nothing more valuable than having a mentor – someone who has been there before, blazed a new trail for themselves, inspired others… and is ready to share. That’s why we’re super thrilled about this new opportunity to get just that: mentorship and a successful launch for those who dare to put themselves out there. Samsung has teamed up with four massively talented people from the fields of film, food, music and photography, and they’re giving aspiring creatives in the UK and Republic of Ireland the chance to be mentored by them, get their hands on some of Samsung’s latest tech and even produce a Sky 1 HD series about their launch. They’re calling it Launching People, and we’re hoping one of those people is you. [Read more...]


The First Ever Compassion and Technology Conference and Contest at Stanford University

Friday 12.06.2013 , Posted by


In a world where each day more people are becoming familiar with technology and its social utilities, Stanford University is playing host to the first ever Compassion and Technology conference, which will bring social entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists together for discussion about technology designed to enhance compassion. [Read more...]


Amazing Shortlist for Sony Photography Awards

Tuesday 02.19.2013 , Posted by


The shortlist is in for the 2012 Sony Photography awards. There were 122,000 entries submitted to the World Photography Organization from photographers in 170 countries. Since the deadline on January 4th, it was just over a month until the shortlist was revealed. With subjects such as travel, nature and wildlife, sport and current affairs, the competition is one of the most prestigious in the world. [Read more...]


Join In On the Photoshop Battles

Thursday 10.18.2012 , Posted by

Photoshop was one of my favorite procrastination tools in college. Anytime I had an important paper to write or test to study for, I would use it to superimpose my head on to Sports Illustrated swimsuit models’ bodies for Spring Break motivation. Unfortunately I never reached the skill level of these talented Redditors. If you are a photoshop expert or just enjoy the magical humor that photoshoppers bring, allow me to introduce you to an amazing sub-reddit: r/photoshopbattles. [Read more...]


StudioVox: Connecting the Creative/Contest for $200!

Monday 04.09.2012 , Posted by

One of the most difficult things for an artist to master today is keeping up in the digital age, and that means getting their work out to the masses (and that certain someone who can buy/pay them for their work). I’ve spoken to artists who either have no clue of where to be on the Internet, or don’t have the time to keep up with 9 different profiles across the creative portfolio landscape. Creating art and producing quality work is hard enough without having to promote, submit, and constantly stay up on the ever changing digital landscape of art, photography, and design blogs. The list of sites to promote your work is massive, so which do you choose? Where is your audience? Where do you even begin? StudioVox, looks to help you with that. [Read more...]


The Say Something Poster Project

Monday 01.09.2012 , Posted by

If you had the opportunity to say one thing to the next generation of youth, what would you say? The Say Something Poster Project has invited artists to do just that in the form of a poster, one that they will then donate to a non-profit organization to hang on their facility walls. [Read more...]


Star Wars Movie Poster Mash-Ups

Tuesday 10.11.2011 , Posted by

Combining a little bit of Star Wars with famous films, these mash-up movie posters will have you feeling the Force in no time. Part of a Photoshop contest over at Freaking News, some of our personal favorites are Chewbacca playing Johnny Depp (twice!) and Darth Vader in Dude, Where’s My Death Star… and don’t forget to remember that next May 4th is Star Wars Day: May the Fourth be with you! [Read more...]


Nike Ramps Up Their Social Media: Video Contest

Wednesday 06.08.2011 , Posted by

Nike’s new ad campaign ‘The Chosen’ brings attention to a host of sports fields the company has long neglected. Their campaign launch video features some slick skateboarding, BMX, surfing and snowboarding, all filmed in the dark of night.

What truly sets this campaign apart, though, is it’s heavy reliance on social media by the large corporation. The campaign launch video (shown below) premiered 3 days before it’s traditional media air date during the NBA finals, clearly showing a significant investment by the company, financially and in focus, into the quickly growing social media market. More specifically it demonstrates one of the most recognizable brands in the world placing a higher value on new media than traditional media. [Read more...]


Make a Crazy Video, Win a Private Island Stay

Saturday 03.12.2011 , Posted by

If only airline safety brochures were as fun and entertaining as this one… and if they had in-air competitions it would be even better! This contest put on by the seriously speedy flight search site Hipmunk (we love it) and travel accomodation site Airbnb, challenges you to share your best crazy video using phone app, SocialCam. The reward? A week long trip to your own, palm tree lined, private island paradise in Fiji!

[Read more...]


Stumbleupon Contest: Get Discovered!

Thursday 02.24.2011 , Posted by

Stumbleupon, one of the best web discovery tools out there, is putting on a great contest of which you videographers should really take note. All you have to do is enter one of your own previously made videos to the contest, but as it ends on February 28th you’ve got to act quick!

[Read more...]

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