Eclectic Mosaics by Chinese Artist Hong Hao


Hong Hao is considered one of China’s most famous contemporary artists today. Born in 1965, Hong Hao received his formal arts education from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, where he earned a degree in printmaking in 1989. A professional artist since 1978, Hao makes his home in Beijing, China. This month he will be exhibiting a selection of his extensive work at the Pace Gallery in Beijing from March 16-April 27.

An Annual Report Expressed with Contemporary Art

Some of the most interesting ideas come from the merging of many different concepts. In the case of this new advertisement from Germany based ad agency Jung von Matt, they have combined installation art, the infographic and their specialty, advertising. The result is one very different way to display their client L-Bank’s Annual Report.

Countdown to India’s First Biennale of Art!

Preparations are well under way for what will be India’s first Biennale of contemporary art: Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2012. Kicking off on 12/12/12 and running for 3 months, the event looks to be a watershed moment in the artistic expression of the country; in fact, it will be the largest contemporary art event to ever take place in India. Already, a large selection of artists from India and around the world are working on projects for display at the event, which takes place in the historic city of Kochi, Muziris and the surrounding islands.

Andy Awesome & His Museum of Awesome Art

Andy Awesome is one of those explosive new talents that with style and finesse have jumped into the spotlight… and look good doing it. Awesome got his start making t-shirts of his own design but after creating some acrylic on canvas paintings to promote his wearable creations, his art career took off by popular demand.

From Batman to Bob Ross the “happy tree’s” guy, Awesome takes iconic characters and distills their style down to its most minimal. He then places them in his trademark circular frame. Here we bring you paintings from his series’ Part 1 and Part 2.

One of Awesome’s latest projects is a very unique feature on his very entertaining website: an interactive 3D museum of his work. Cleverly called MoAA (Museum of Awesome Art), the virtual gallery has 5 explorable rooms filled with Awesome’s own work and some of his imaginative re-interpretations of contemporary artists. This museum is free every day and definitely worth a look!

The Great “Beeramid” Of Berlin

The KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin defines itself as a place for the production and presentation of discourse oriented contemporary art, and Cyprien Gaillard is the perfect artist to have an exhibit there. Gaillard is known for constantly exploring the dystopian aspects of architectures and their ruins; carefully observing their dilapidation, destruction, demolition, preservation and reconstruction.