These 3 Trends are Killing Your Creativity

After nearly two decades working various jobs throughout the creative world, I’ve noticed a recent phenomenon in our industry’s culture. Creatives now are focusing more on insignificant things—like fashion trends and lifestyle accessories, while quality work is becoming the sideshow. Right-brainers have always done a knockout job of differentiating themselves from the rest of the pack, but I think these 3 distractions  may actually be hindering the creativity we for which we strive.

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Visual Bits #281> Inventions With Aesthetic

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100 Years Graphed: Technology Adoption is Speeding Up

The last 112 years have been an avalanche of new discoveries, new advances in our understanding of how the world works and how to harness the energies around us to useful means. How far have we advanced? At the dawn of the 20th century less than 10% of households owned a stove, had access to a telephone or even electricity… and the automobile that dominates society today? It was hardly on the charts.

The US’s First Packaging-Free Grocery Store

Be it beans, granola or sometimes even tomatoes, it seems today that everything we eat is somehow wrapped in colorful packaging. In fact, packaging makes up 40 percent of municipal waste in the U.S alone. Now, In.gredients a grocery store opening in Austin, Texas is hoping to fix that problem by creating the country’s first packaging-free, zero-waste grocery store. By eliminating all packaging from their products In.gredients is hoping to create a waste-free model to follow and make a significant dent in the mountain of garbage created daily.

We All Want to Be Young: A Film About Millennials

The insightful movie “We All Want to Be Young” is the outcome of several studies developed by BOX1824 over the past 5 years. A Brazilian research company specializing in behavioral sciences and consumer trends, BOX1824 offers a current snapshot of youth culture and its influence.

We All Want to be Young was written and directed by Lena Maciel, Lucas Liedke and Rony Rodrigues.