25 of the World’s Coolest Concept Cars

They’re radical, exotic, and they come directly from the imaginations of the best engineers and designers in the world. Unfortunately though, most concept cars never see the production line. They are usually so groundbreaking or “futuristic” that mass production is either unfeasible or impossible. Nevertheless, car companies make good use of them in trying to gauge customer reactions, especially to new, radical designs. These are 25 of the world’s coolest concept cars.

Imagination at Mini: Not So Small

Just announced at the Geneva Auto show, Mini has a new concept car out. It features some really clever details like a tailgate that will hold your snowboard and double folding doors that help in tight spaces. But, the main reason you’ll find this featured here is the amazing video Post Panic put together to promote the car. The mixed media film combines live action with 2d/3d animation, motion graphics, stock footage and visual effects for a really clever spin around the Mini design office. Whatever your opinion about the new Mini’s styling, the advertising is tops!