Schematic Posters for Your Favorite Retro Electronics

CityPrints Computer and Gaming Wiring Schematics 5

It would be hard to get any more retro-nerd-cool than this. If you can identify any of these wiring schematics (without reading further) you score 200,000 points, with a 16x multiplier for every extra ID. You’re looking at the inner workings of some of the most revered personal computing and gaming consoles from the rise of the electronics era – from the Apple I and Commodore 64, to the Atari 2600 and Nintendo. Each two-tone print from City Prints celebrates the inner workings of the devices that have come to enhance and even dominate our society – and they do it with style.

Hilarious Technology Ads From Yesteryear

Vintage Computer Ads (1)

When we look at the smart phones in our pockets that can do everything and so much more than the first computers which took up an entire room, it’s hard to believe that there was a time when floppy disks were the latest, greatest invention! We can get so impatient when a website seems to be taking too long to load, but if we think back to the time of dial-up where we had to wait for our computers to call a server- sometimes several times unsuccessfully- that minute doesn’t seem so long anymore! This collection of retro technology ads is quite hilarious to see, but each one was a necessary step in getting us to the amazing technology we have today. It’s funny to think that in twenty more years we will be looking at the gadgets we currently have in the same way.

MovieReshape: Edit Body Shape in Realtime

MovieReshape is a powerful system for tracking and reshaping the human figure in movies. With this piece of software, you can adjust height, leg length, musculature and more, all by simply moving a slider bar. Very impressive. For more information check out MPII.

The Beautiful Animation of RedKidOne

RedKidOne is the bad-ass pseudonym for Matt Pitt – “if it’s good enough for rappers and supervillains, then it’s good enough for me.” Hailing from New Zealand, he creates and directs animation, motion graphics, illustration and design. “I just like to make pretty shiny things.”

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