8-Bit Illustrations From the Land of Strange

If mysterious illustrator Uno Moralez had created video games a few decades back, they would have simply blown our minds. The bizarre creations have a look unlike anything else, often mixing themes from film noir to gothic, anime to Indian religious iconography – all made with a distinctly pixilated 8-bit style. Not only are these intricate scenes highly entertaining… they’re often seriously creepy too.

8-Bit Polaroids Capture a Retro/Digital World

What if the characters of the digital world seamlessly merged with the real one we experience every day? I’m not talking about the high definition world of Tron, but something a lot closer to the Atari 2600’s Pitfall. That’s exactly what California based designer Jherin Miller has done with his recent Pixels and Polaroids series. He envisioned digital 8-bit characters coming to life through the lens of a Polaroid camera… it looks like one fun, chilled out world to inhabit.

Light and Sound in Norway

Light. Music. Norway.

In the middle of the night in Oslo, one is taken on a light journey in sync with the sounds of Norwegian band, Cold Mailman. The music video is creative and soothing, 3D projections of lighted rooms create sound bars, water drops and messages as the music moves throughout the city.

The Expressionist: A Philosophy of Design

Renowned designer Michael Wolff shares his wisdom of how he sees the world. One good reason to take note of this video: Wolff has over 50 years experience in his field, not a number to knock by any standard. He explains his design philosophy and how his obsession with curiosity, appreciation, and imagination have lead to his success.

Visual Bits #20 > Open Wide!

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Russians Experimenting With Animals

The end of the 1950s and the beginning of 1960s was a time of significant achievements in the sphere of scientific experiments worldwide and in the USSR. During those years, Soviet scientist started bold experiments on animals. A whole series of pioneering experiments was carried out at the University of Moscow and the Academy of Science. And as early as 1950 a Russian scientist Vladimir Demihov surprised the whole world when he transplanted the head of one dog onto another one. The two headed dog lived for a whole month.”

Imagination at Mini: Not So Small

Just announced at the Geneva Auto show, Mini has a new concept car out. It features some really clever details like a tailgate that will hold your snowboard and double folding doors that help in tight spaces. But, the main reason you’ll find this featured here is the amazing video Post Panic put together to promote the car. The mixed media film combines live action with 2d/3d animation, motion graphics, stock footage and visual effects for a really clever spin around the Mini design office. Whatever your opinion about the new Mini’s styling, the advertising is tops!

A Five Second Lifetime in Reverse

Made for the 5 Second Project over at greyscalegorilla.com, this contest winner has a whole life brilliantly expressed in reverse from death to conception. Remember, 5 seconds can hold a lot of life!

Visual News Infographic Design Contest! ‘Visual Love Letters’

That’s right… It’s our first ever Visual News Design Contest! In celebration of this love filled time of year we’re challenging YOU to come up with your very best expression of love, conveyed through the medium of infographics. To be announced this Valentines day, the talented and lucky winner will receive four books by the much admired Edward Tufte (a $120 value on Amazon, pictured below). The deadline is midnight February 13th so work quick… and here’s to being lucky in design AND love!

Google Earth: The California Bay Area Now 3D!

(Thursday – 01/27/11) If you’ve never been to the California Bay area, now is your chance… at least virtually. Google announced today that it has rolled out tens of thousands of new, user created buildings for Google Earth and Google Maps, covering central California, from San Jose up to San Francisco. Included are such famous landmarks as the Golden Gate bridge, the Ferry Building and yes, the Mountain View based Googleplex (In order to view these links, you need to have the Google Earth plugin for Google Maps installed).

This project is really just the beginning, as it continues an ambitious 5 year old announcement that Google would facilitate the creation of 3D models for every building in the world. To learn more about how you can help put your favorite buildings on the map, check out Google SketchUp and Building Maker.