Way Tubular 80s Mobile Phone Commercial… Psych!

As crowds of people rush to get the new iPhone 5, we thought it would be fun to remind you just how far cell phone technology has come. In this hilarious Radio Shack commercial from 1989, you can see that mobile phones weren’t always so sleek. Watch as these hip people from the 80s lug their lunch box sized receivers to the office, the beach, Cub Scouts camping trips, and even out on a boat.

The Language of Four Beautiful Cities

Filmed on location in London, Paris, Barcelona and Beijing, this quartet of beautifully produced commercials are almost too seductive to be considered ad material… but that makes them more perfect still. Each film follows a hopeful traveler finding their way about the city, meeting new friends and enjoying the sights. The over exposed images are overlayed with crisp motion graphic typography that describes the scene in local tongue. The effect is elegant, educational and moving.

Geeky Fashion Shopping with Projectors

This upbeat Japanese commercial shows off an interesting Google feature we haven’t seen advertised before: the search engine’s ability to be an incredible shopping buddy. The video shows a few Japanese girls huddled around a computer Googling different outfits and accessories, then using a protector to shine the images on each other’s all-white outfits.

The video, which is called Fashion Show with Google, was created by Robbin Ingvarsson & Waldemar Wegelin and directed by Kosai Sekine to showcase Google’s the “sort by color” feature on image searches.