Bored on Your Commute? Grab Some Post-It Notes and Doodle!

What do you do when you have a long, boring commute? For illustrator October Jones the answer is simple – you give your fellow riders new geeky personas. Jones has been using the ubiquitous Post-It note at a sketch pad, peeling off a yellow page with characters like Spiderman, ET and The Incredible Hulk.

We Fell In Friend-Love With Yumi Sakugawa [Interview]

Friend Love Header

Southern California-based illustrator Yumi Sakugawa explores the pangs, passions, and perils of platonic love in her charming comic I Think I’m in Friend-Love With You.  A story of an awkwardly-adorable monster yearning for non-romantic affection – in the form of inside jokes, special hang-out sessions, and late-night Facebook chats – Sakugawa’s comic captures a relational territory often considered ambiguous: the connection with and longing for platonic pals.

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Architecture from the Fantastic World of the Future

François Schuiten Art 1

If you live in almost any city around the world for very long, you’re bound to see a new skyscraper fill the skyline, slowly rising to impressive heights by the methodical assembly of cranes perched on its peak. Architectural firms are now so adept at creating these massive structures that even complex examples like London’s new Shard can seem to spring up overnight, surprising you one day as you round a familiar corner and glance skyward. In a way, our modern world isn’t that far from the towering worlds we have here, imagined by the Belgian master of comic art, François Schuiten.

Visualizing Some of the Funniest Tweets


We’ve all read tweets that make us chuckle out loud- sometimes at an inappropriate time, but there’s something even funnier about visualizing these scenarios. Twaggies is like a museum for hilarious tweets so that they can reach those who may not have seen them in their Twittersphere. Using crowdsourcing, the team at Twaggies find the funniest tweets and transform them into uproarious comics. Email if you or someone you follow on Twitter has said something that would be perfect in cartoon form.

Ken Niimura’s English, Japanese & Spanish Fusion

Ken Niimura 1

Ken Niimura is an award winning cartoonist and illustrator known for his work in many publications. Some of his well know works include I kill giants, Japanese in Mangaland and Lunático.

Comic or Movie? It’s a Superhero Media Crossover!

“Just how thin is the line that separates movies from comics?” asks Butcher Billy, a graphic artist, illustrator and web designer from Brazil. Have we really come that far, or are our modern films just rehashing classic themes… or as he puts it, exchanging “ink” for “pixels?” As we can see from his new series, The Superhero Media Crossover Project, despite the massive advances in technology and a complete change in format, much of our new movies owe a serious debt to the comic artists of the past.

H.G. Wells Time Machine: A Poster Made in Time Lapse


Sometimes illustrations look so daunting that it is hard to believe that a human, even with the help of a computer, can produce such incredibly intricate artwork… but somehow they still manage to produce these things of wonder. Beyond the most skilled at computer illustration, the way these creations come to life is truly a mystery… that is until now. Kevin Tong is the master behind this poster, featuring a tribute to H.G. Wells Time Machine, and has been gracious enough to provide a time lapse of his craft.

Superhero Mathematics 101

Okay kids, get excited, because it’s time for an elementary mathematics lesson in superheros! What do you get when you take one man and subtract his heart? Italian graphic designer Matt Cowan’s clever illustrations say the answer is non-other than Tony Stark, aka Ironman. Okay, how about if you take one woman and add some of natures fury? Answer: the X-Men’s nature controlling heroine, Storm.