What Happened When ’40s Cartoonists Drew Their Famous Characters While Blindfolded?

What happened in 1947 when Life Magazine asked comic strip artists to draw their famous characters while blindfolded? From the looks of the second illustration in each pairing below, some incredibly mixed results.

Quirky comics of secret feelings. Don’t lie… You know you’ve thought this before!

Have you ever been irrationally afraid of a murderer hiding in your backseat as you get into your car at night? Has someone annoyingly suggested that you “think positive” at a time when that is obviously not what you’re going to do? These universal situations that we don’t often talk about, but that everyone knows, are the basis for Molly Bishop’s comical one-liner illustrations. Go ahead, find the ones that you’ve thought about… no one will know.

Visual Bits #316 > Magnificent Marvel Mash-Ups

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Visual Bits #241> Type Of All Types

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Tintin The Movie! Trailer Released by Spielberg

With the combined creative geniuses of Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, the world famous and universally loved comic, The Adventures of Tintin is coming to the big screen this December in 3D. Get ready for one visually innovative film!

America’s Surprising Knowledge of Geography

In an attempt to show how woeful the average Americans knowledge of world geography is, brilliant comic Randall Munroe of xkcd.com randomly selected some Americans to interview as they walking home one night. When he asked them to fill him in on their understanding of the world, the results were surprising.

Spectacular Vintage Comic Book Artwork


Illustrating moody, somber and sometimes angry comic art, Belgian-born artist Hermann Huppen has had a long career of story telling. Born in 1938, he is most famous for his post-apocalyptic comic book series, Jeremiah, which he both illustrated and wrote. Here is a sampling of the high quality art from his career.

For more on Hermann, see his website hermannhuppen.be.