Recycled Comic Books Become Superheroes- No Paint or Markers Involved

1 Comic Book Collages By Mike Alcantara

What do you get for that comic book enthusiast who has everything? Mike Alcantara has the answer. The master collage artist has been creating bad a$$ images of all the best Marvel and DC Comics characters out of nothing but recycled comic books and glue. It’s almost unfathomable that these images are entirely collage- without any drawing or painting utensils, but it’s true. Alcantara finds the perfect pieces of comic book for every section of his awesome work.

Isidore Koliavras’ 3D Comic Book Art


Isidore Koliavras is a Greek character design guru, whose forte is creating 3D images of comic book superheroes that could almost be alive. He creates the storied pictures with specialized CGI software optimized for human modeling. His comic book superheroes, each with hours of digital manipulation, encompass a dynamic and highly entertaining collection.

A Brief History of Illustration

8 Off Book PBS

As the world becomes increasingly more digital and photography makes up the majority of print, the field of illustration is becoming highly competitive and the creativity in the field is climbing to new heights. Editorial illustrator Yuko Shimizu’s motto is, “If I come up with an idea that would look better as a photo, then my idea is not good.” Illustrations have the power to be more captivating than a photograph because they have no bounds; an artist can express so much in a drawing and we have seen that first hand. In this short video by PBS, some of the top illustrators- Steve Garnaccia, Yuko Shimizu, Sean Murphy, and Molly Crabapple discuss why they love illustration and what it has become.

Remixed Antique Portraits Become Superheros

Nothing could warm the heart of a vintage comic book geek more than these sensational new artworks by Alex Gross. Taking antique photographs called Cabinet cards from the 1870s to 1920s, he hand-painted each one to look like comic heros, movie characters and even some colorful character creations of his own. He cleverly reworks the often plain backgrounds of the original image, moves arms around and changes their dress to something more “super,” retaining the face of the original portraits figure. Suddenly a solemn 19th century portrait becomes a stoic and colorful visage of Bizzaro standing before a war torn city.

A Breast Cancer PSA From Comic Superheroines

The threat of cancer is very real these days, and it seems like almost everyone either knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer, or has even been affected themselves. Every year thousands of women lose their battle against the breast cancer beast. This new ad campaign, by Maisa Chaves for DDB Mozambique, was created to raise awareness of regular breast cancer exams among women at risk

Reality With A Layer Of Dreams

Melding technology and inspiration with clever commentary, Swedish artist and advertising entrepreneur John Thornqvist draws and paints digitally to create fun, quirky scenes within an already existing environment.

Hero or Villain? A Quick-Start Guide

Ok VisualNews readers, what kind of comic book character are you? Are you the secretive hero hiding behind horn rimmed glasses or are you more the volcano dwelling, laser beam toting type? Once you have this very important decision made (hm… blow up the world or save it?), you will find these “quick-start” guides to hero or villain-hood the perfect way to ensure you have all your cliché accessories and motives perfected… don’t leave your hideout without one!

Comedians as Comic Book Superheroes

Old Red Jalopy has turned some of the most iconic and long lasting figures in American comedic film and television into the stars of their own faux comic books. Along with the crew over at Next Movie, they have been working on the series as part of their comedian-centric features in support of the first annual Comedy Awards (which aired on April 10th 2011).