Comic or Movie? It’s a Superhero Media Crossover!

“Just how thin is the line that separates movies from comics?” asks Butcher Billy, a graphic artist, illustrator and web designer from Brazil. Have we really come that far, or are our modern films just rehashing classic themes… or as he puts it, exchanging “ink” for “pixels?” As we can see from his new series, The Superhero Media Crossover Project, despite the massive advances in technology and a complete change in format, much of our new movies owe a serious debt to the comic artists of the past.

A Fantastic Voyage Through Surreal Worlds

Jean “Moebius” Giraud has taken the world on a journey through his amazing mind using some of the most influential sci-fi films and comics. The futuristic surrealism that exists within this creator will remain in the memory of many: he’s worked as a leading artist and designer on such high profile films as the Fifth Element, 1982’s Tron, The Abyss and Willow. Jean Giraud’s visuals have a way of capturing the viewers interest and setting them into stone.