Counting Sheep In Technicolor


Why do the most creative ideas come at night? Much of the psychology on the topic explains that parts of your brain responsible for processing new information will relax, allowing the more mysterious parts of your brain to run wild. 

Exploding Lightbulbs Filled With Colorful Surprises

1 Light Bulbs Exploding by Jon Smith

Not every artist is able to do art full time, but the need for that creative outlet never goes away. Scientist Jon Smith of Wide Eyed Illuminations is one example of this. The self-taught photographer learned the art scientifically- through experimentation, trial and error. His specialty is filling light bulbs with random, often colorful materials, and capturing them just as they shatter (after he shoots them), releasing all of their contents in an explosive burst. Why lightbulbs? Smith loves that they are such a common household object that most people ignore them- he loves giving them life and energy- out of their normal element and showing people the amazing moment that is normally unseen when one shatters.

Brightly Embroidered Newspaper Pictures

Lauren DiCioccio 1

As more and more reading is done digitally and the printed newspaper gets closer to becoming obsolete, one artist attempts to immortalize it. Lauren DiCioccio mummifies the Front Page by covering it with cotton muslin and using a needle and brightly colored thread to re-produce the photo beneath. The text fades beneath the muslin sheath and the pictures remain to capture a moment in history in a physical way that can’t be felt digitally. She views newspapers with nostalgia as they were once a daily ritual enjoyed by most of the adult population, so with embroidery she preserves that tactile sensation without the smudged fingerprints.

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Life Force: Colorful Illustrations of the Energy Inside

2 Martin Sati

We all know that everything on Earth including each one of us is made up of energy, but it’s still a pretty incredible concept to wrap our minds around. That’s why I love to see the way artists interpret the energy that is life. Martín Satí has a unique way of creating vibrant portraits that show the energy’s fluidity. Unlike the representational fractal visions of artists like Alex Grey and Amanda Sage, Satí’s portraits are less geometrical, but embody a similar theme. Amidst the abstract bubbles of color, each figure remains recognizable, much like the human brain has found a way to identify and label the world around us.