The Bizarre “Truppe Fledermaus” from Kahn + Selesnick


It’s hard to get more bizarre or intriguing than these recent works from the New York/British collaborative duo Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick. Their mixed media series of photographs, paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures see a world of greenmen, bats and death dancers prancing about the countryside and the near outskirts of sometimes familiar towns. The imagery and the characters themselves often tightrope a fine line between the playful and the haunting… and it only gets better when we know the story behind what’s going on.

Ski Joring: Watching Cowboys Getting Weird

Ski Joring - Leadville Colorado (20 of 24)

“Lets get weird.” It is a statement you hear from the best of the fringe; hessians, ruffians, goths, hipsters. Whether it be a silly outfit or a asinine dare, we all get weird sometimes. Cowboys, on the other hand, are more known for their down home normality.  They eat steak and potatoes, they fear god, they have good family values. Then again, every once in a while, they like to get weird too. Each March in Leadville, Colorado, skiers and cowboys (or cowgirls) team up, tie a long rope to a saddle and tow a skier down main street Leadville at high speed. The streets are lined with spectators banging on cowbells, cheering, hooting and hollering as the duos make their way from one end of main street to the other, slaloming their way through a course that gives even the best skiers a run for their money. Welcome to the sport of ski joring.

The Illustration and Character Design of Josh Holland

Josh Holland says he got his artistic start drawing Sesame Street characters from memory, creating “Crayola caked” notebooks in the process. It’s good to see young enthusiasm pay off. His vibrant illustrations play with pop culture references and often center on catchy character design. You can see more of his 2D work, along with giant size plush sculptures at