Stunning Geometric Textures Carved Into Plywood Using a CNC Machine

Using the precise cutting head of a CNC machine, artist Michael Anderson carves incredibly beautiful geometric patterns and textures into pieces of plywood. Each pass of the machine reveals the layers of Anderson’s source material, adding contour lines that emphasize the ups and downs of each design.

Geometric Robot Drawings: Beautiful Precision from Matt W. Moore

Matt W. Moore is drawing outside the box, challenging our definition of art with his Numerically Controlled Series of “drawings.” Here he collaborates with engineer Aaron Panone to harness the power of a 3-axis CNC machine to draw his geometrically stunning works. The machine, retrofitted with a special fixture, holds a Sharpie permanent marker and mimics the pressure of a hand while drawing. Is it art? Is it design? While the definition of this work is unclear, the result is beautiful precision.

Stairway to Heaven: 3D Printing Fisher-Price Records

For kids who grew up in the 70s and 80s, there’s a very good chance your first music player was none other than the Fisher-Price Record Player. That vintage, jangly sound has a special spot in many of our hearts as it played such hit songs as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Humpty Dumpty and, don’t forget London Bridge.

Ripple Landscapes: Water Like Topographic Sculptures

What happens when you take the patterns of nature, small or large, then filter them through the lens of technology? If you’re artist Kane Cali, you create incredibly beautiful translucent sculptures reminiscent of the rippling patterns in water. His works are created using a unique process of computer modeling, female mold building and a final casting of colored resin. The results filter light much like fluid, creating an illusion of water frozen in motion. Swing by his website for a detailed explanation of his process and further inspiring work.